I endeavour to share great health and wellness information on my website. I will pass along all that I have come to realize over the many years on my journey. Spending hours, almost daily, reading and researching for my own good has come to a turning point. I choose to share all that I have learned and continue to learn on my website “Health Wealth”. The information on my blog will pertain to natural health and wellness, both new to the world and things that are tried and true. I hope that you enjoy what I write about and that you share my website with your friends and family.

There is so much valuable information out there. Most of it will help you to look after your health and stay out of the doctor’s office. Some of it….if you don’t take heed, will land you in the doctor’s office.

And…..if you land in the doctor’s office chances are you will be prescribed a pharmaceutical drug for whatever ails you. It is unfortunate that the medical doctor of today is so overwhelmed with too many patients and too little time. Doctors have such a short allotment of time to spend with each of their patients these days that they just can’t squeeze in a short course in disease prevention through proper nutrition. The doctor of today is trained to treat symptoms and is given a very brief course on nutrition. Many of the medical lectures and conferences are sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry. It angers me that it has come to this. I grew up holding my doctor in high regard. Don’t get me wrong….I respect my doctor very much. I admire the dedication it has taken doctors to get through medical school and to open their own practices. I value my doctor’s opinion. I may not always agree with the “point of view” about medicine and nutrition but I will always respect their position as professionals in their field. I understand why a doctor feels he/she must “go with the flow” or be frowned upon by their peers for fighting the system. Although….I must add…more and more medical professionals are taking the jump from allopathic to alternative modalities these days. I commend them for their courage and awakening to the new reality in medicine.

If you are in the doctor’s office for something other than your annual physical…you are seeking medical attention for an uncomfortable symptom of some kind.  The quickest and easiest resolution to this symptom is to get a prescription for a drug that will eliminate the nagging symptom.  It will not fix why you have the issue in the first place but the drug will probably alleviate your discomfort for the short term.  Now…if you continue to take this drug or a combination of different drugs they may cause other problems and may stop working to keep the original symptom at bay.  There is no pharmaceutical “magic bullet”.

Symptoms surface  as a result of something in your body going askew, whether mild symptoms such as a headache or a cold to major symptoms such as heart attack, cancer, diabetes, MS etc.

Our society is suffering from ill health.  We have become too reliant on drugs or the “quick fix”.  We sit down to a processed factory farmed beef burger, fried bacon and processed cheese on a refined white flour bun.  Add a side of factory processed French fries deep fried in oil that has been heated to high temperatures several times.  Guzzle a 20 ounce cola full of refined sugar (with free refills) and finish off with a processed hot fudge sundae full of hydrogenated fat, refined sugar and fiberless carboydrates.  This meal is a staple in our society today.  After eating this meal we experience heartburn and take a pill.  Can’t sleep after all of that nasty food so take a pill.  Suffer digestive problems so take a pill.  Have high cholesterol so take a pill.  Get high blood pressure so take a pill.  Gain excess body fat so go for bypass surgery and take more pills.  It is the SAD diet…Standard American (& Canadian) Diet.  We teach our children to eat this way.  Childhood obesity and diabetes are out of control.  Children are suffering and die from adult diseases now more than ever before in the history of mankind.  It is so disturbing.  If this lifestyle doesn’t change there is a commonly held opinion that the human race is heading to extinction.

Now that is a scary thought.

To your “Health Wealth”!

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