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I loved golfing pre-Multiple Sclerosis. I tried to keep it up for as long as I could but about 6 years ago I finally threw in the towel….so to speak. My last time golfing back then, I took a swing on the tee box and just about ended up in the pond beside the tee. […]

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Awe…time in the great outdoors!

I’ve just enjoyed the best summer I’ve had in 7 years. Why? Because I was able to spend approximately 3 days a week totally outdoors in the sun, warmth, green space of Bear Mountain golf courses, surrounded by thick forests, views of the ocean and mountains with plenty of deer to enjoy. It is so […]

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Ghee….A healthy fat!

I know that I have posted about Ghee before but I like to revisit topics for my benefit and yours. Ghee is a staple in my home. I love it. I cook with it. I even melt it and put it on my (rare) bowl of organic popcorn. Yummy. Ghee is very much butter but […]

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MS and Sunshine!

Here is another well written great article about how good natural sunlight is for Multiple Sclerosis.   Unfortunately, for me, I find sitting in the sun and the heat exacerbates my MS symptoms so I find it difficult to get out in the natural sunlight anymore but I try.   I supplement my vitamin D with a […]

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Flu Shot vs. Vitamin D

There is a lot of buzz where I am about the flu shot.  I have no intention of getting one.  I question the ingredients used in these vaccines and I do believe they are pushed by the pharmaceutical companies to pad their pockets. Recently, on an episode of Dr. Oz, who is being called “America’s doctor” […]

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