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These luscious fruits are native of India and Southeast Asia. It is called “the king of fruit” in some parts of the world because of it’s amazing nutritional value. These juicy, fleshy fruits are a bit higher in sugar than most fruits but when included in your diet in moderation they provide a whole host […]

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Ghee….A healthy fat!

I know that I have posted about Ghee before but I like to revisit topics for my benefit and yours. Ghee is a staple in my home. I love it. I cook with it. I even melt it and put it on my (rare) bowl of organic popcorn. Yummy. Ghee is very much butter but […]

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Goji Berries

GOJI BERRIES (wolfberry) have been said to be the “fountain of youth”.  That is a very powerful claim. Goji berries are native to China and have been enjoyed by Asians for multiple generations with the thoughts that they contribute to a longer life span.  They have also used Goji berries for many health supporting purposes such as heart […]

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