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Toothpaste Truths

I know…you are saying “toothpaste is bad for us too????” Unfortunately the answer to this is “yes”, potentially bad for us. Conventional toothpaste is full of “stuff” not fit for human consumption.  Have you noticed on your toothpaste tube or packaging it comes in that it is not to be ingested?  If it is ingested […]

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I stopped wearing pretty smelling conventional perfumes and my hubby stopped wearing manly colognes several years ago.  Now when I am around someone who has perfume on it almost gives me a headache.  Why is that? There are thousands of chemicals used in the production of women’s perfumes and men’s colognes.  Fragrance is created with […]

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Household Products and Cancer!

I’m sure you already know that many of the household cleaners on the grocery store and hardware store shelves are toxic.  Surprise, surprise.  What isn’t toxic these days….I ask?  It is a crazy world we live in now.  We are bombarded by chemicals. Look on the labels of some of your favorite cleaning products and realize […]

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Personal care and home cleaning products…are they safe?

Hi friends and family.    The following article is a must read regarding the products you clean your space with and the products you slather on your body day after day.  I am forever telling one of my sisters to ditch the pretty smelling body lotions and perfumes.  Maybe after she reads this article she will […]

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