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Food Cravings

Are you a salt or a sugar craver? These food cravings are intense and can make the craver go out of their way to get them.  They are quite different from normal hunger.  They are coming to us from our brains rather than our stomachs.  They hit us all in different ways.  For example pregnant […]

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Sugar and Cancer

Sugar is everywhere….in everything you buy that is processed.  There is sugar in foods you never would imagine to contain sugar.  It’s so pervasive, it’s hard to avoid sugar when eating the standard diet.  If it’s not refined white sugar then it’s high fructose corn syrup. Sugar is the BUILDING BLOCK FOR CANCER. I’m not […]

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The Sweet Stuff…Sugar

Many of us say we were born with a sweet tooth….at least that’s what I hear from friends and family when they reach for that candy, ice cream or slice of rich chocolate cake.   I’m more of a salty, savoury flavour follower and from my research I know that avoiding sugar is a good healthy choice. […]

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Is Yogurt Really Good For You?

Did you know that some yogurts have more sugar in a serving than a Twinkie…according to Natural News, my favorite source for leading edge health news. Many brands of yogurt advertised as “good for you” have more sugar in them then junk foods you would never consider eating.  So let’s take a good look at […]

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