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A Collective Sigh…..

I won’t post about politics again, especially about another country….I promise…..but I have to follow up my previous posts about the USA and the political chaos that we all witnessed over the past few years. On Wednesday January 21, 2021 I watched the Inauguration of Joe Biden to President of the USA and Kamala Harris […]

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Negative Emotions

As I began 2013 I was full of optimism and hope for a better year than last year.  I had plans to live my days with joy and gratitude because I have so much to be happy and grateful for.  By maintaining this positive frame of mind and avoiding negative emotions I would be able […]

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Message 12 years after Columbine!

My Mom sent this letter to me via email and I have to tell you that I agree with the writer so much that I decided to share it on my website.  Now, this is written about the United States but we are the direct neighbours of the US and the same thing is happening […]

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