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Spring is in the air!

It is Easter Sunday and a sure sign of spring.  This year Easter is three weeks later than last year so the signs of spring are most certainly evident.  I did not know why the date of Easter weekend changes each year so I did a little research.  The holiday is a moveable one falling […]

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I love beets.  Anyway you slice it, beets are among my favorite root vegetables. Aside from being very nutritious, beets are being used in the treatment of cancer.  Research shows cases of cancer patients going into remission with high doses of beet root.  Isn’t that just amazing.  I’ve always known beets were good for your […]

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Fresh Roma Tomato Salad

I had a bunch of Roma tomatoes in my kitchen and would usually turn them into a nice pasta sauce or a bruschetta chop.  Roma tomatoes have such a succulent, sweet taste to them.  I always include a salad with our dinner every night and was pretty tired of the same old green salads I tend to make.   So […]

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The best Coleslaw!

I’ve never been much of a coleslaw lover but I know how good cabbage is for me so I try to incorporate it into my weekly nutrition. Cabbage is full of nutrients and fiber.  Purple cabbage contains anthocyanins which are proven to be anti-carcinogenic.  They help the body fight free-radicals.  Cabbage is low in saturated […]

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(pronounced KEEN-wah)  Quinoa is a seed native to South America.  It is often mistaken as a grain but it is a tiny seed.  It has a mild taste, almost a little nutty.  Quinoa is gluten free so is very popular in the Celiac community.  It is extremely high in protein and essential amino acids so it […]

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