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A Collective Sigh…..

I won’t post about politics again, especially about another country….I promise…..but I have to follow up my previous posts about the USA and the political chaos that we all witnessed over the past few years. On Wednesday January 21, 2021 I watched the Inauguration of Joe Biden to President of the USA and Kamala Harris […]

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Country Living

Awe….that peaceful, natural country life. It has been proven that life in the country is way better for our health than living in the rat race of a city. Two very different lifestyles…we’ve tried both in our lifetime.  I have to say that “country living” wins hands down. There are pros and cons to both […]

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Happy New Year 2018

Another calendar year has flown by. This past year has brought lots of interesting, unsettling and tragic news to the forefront.  This runs from political division, nuclear threats, riots and racial protesting, the pending legalization of marijuana, sexual harassment charges and subsequent firings of powerful men, mass shootings, etc. All I can say is let’s […]

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Meditation is an extremely important part of healing.  Many experts feel it is the most important part. I am inclined to agree. I have finally cracked the code for myself….I am now meditating twice a day.  I do a short 15 minute Gratitude meditation in the morning.  This little exercise certainly sets the tone for the day.  […]

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