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The Endocannibinoid System

There is a new buzz word when talking about the human body and this is called the ENDOCANNIBINOID SYSTEM.  We have never talked about or studied this system in school but it is now in the forefront of research and news stories ever since medical cannabis has hit the mainstream. We have always known about […]

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Vitamin D Deficiency

We are just coming out of our beautiful summer months full of sunshine.  Fall is underway and winter is not too far off. The sunlight vitamin, D, is so important to our health.  This is the “pro-hormone” that is produced in our bodies when we are outside in the sunshine.  Our bodies do not produce […]

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Coping with Chronic Disease

“I value people who are down on their luck yet they keep a positive outlook.  I respect people who have wounds that tell an intense story of trust.  I commend the folks with hurts that run deep as rivers but they keep walking onward.  I cherish broken people because sometimes they’ll give you a piece […]

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Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis – OMS LIFESTYLE

 The author of a significant study on Multiple Sclerosis explains how lifestyle changes can be highly effective in minimizing, halting and even reversing the effects of the disease.  Professor George Jelinek from the Gawler Foundation in Melbourne, Australia is interviewed below.  Dr. Jelinek has MS and has kept his Multiple Sclerosis under control with a plant […]

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Broken Open….How difficult times can help us grow!

I just read an amazingly inspiring book called “BROKEN OPEN…How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow” by Elizabeth Lesser.  Elizabeth is the co-founder of Omega Institute, which is one of the worlds largest centers for spiritual retreats and personal growth.  I can honestly say that things I read in this book have stayed in my […]

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Swank Diet for MS – very interesting video!

I was diagnosed with Relapse Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in March of 2008.  I have been living with the diagnosis now for almost 6 years….although I now know that I have been living with MS for many years pre-diagnosis.    At first I had relatively few symptoms and they would come and go.  This type of MS […]

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MS and Sunshine!

Here is another well written great article about how good natural sunlight is for Multiple Sclerosis.   Unfortunately, for me, I find sitting in the sun and the heat exacerbates my MS symptoms so I find it difficult to get out in the natural sunlight anymore but I try.   I supplement my vitamin D with a […]

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Multiple Sclerosis

As you may know from previous posts, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2008.  I am extremely proactive with my health and am giving my body the best of nutrition to keep it strong and battle ready.  I feel that my efforts with lifestyle and nutrition are helping in many positive ways. MS is […]

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I’m going for the CCSVI Vasovogal Procedure!

I have decided to go for the CCSVI (Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency) Vasovagal procedure to hopefully alleviate symptoms related to Multiple Sclerosis, of which I was diagnosed in March 2008.    I am scheduled for this procedure on Wednesday April 17th, 2013 in Newport Beach, California at Synergy Health Concepts. Previously, I was not interested in having […]

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Minding our Mitochondria

As my readers know by now….I have Multiple Sclerosis.  Unfortunately it is not taking well to the vegan and raw diet.   I’ve enjoyed eating this way now for over 2 years…. but feel I’m on a steady decline. I’m evolving and changing things as I research, read and experience the good and the bad of each […]

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