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Do you get your recommended amount of fruit per day….that being 2 cups per day? If you answered no to this question then why not start adding raisins to your weekly rotation of fruits. Raisins are fruit…..they are dried grapes. Raisins are seedless grapes that are put on paper trays and allowed to dry in […]

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Coffee…has become my “drug” of choice!

Yes, that is correct. I am back to drinking coffee after about 25 years of consuming green tea as my “caffeine” fix. Coffee has taken prominence in my day. I am really enjoying a couple of cups of coffee each day. Meeting socially around a cup of coffee…taking an afternoon break from whatever my sweetie […]

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I have posted about GOJI BERRIES in previous posts.  They are certainly worth the added attention of a second post. Goji berries are not something everybody keeps in their pantry for regular consumption.  It is not a berry as commonly used like a blueberry, strawberry, raspberry or blackberry.  But they should be marketed and displayed […]

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Himalayan Pink Salt

Did you know that white table salt is SO TOXIC.   White table salt is full of many chemicals and even has white sugar in it.  This salt is made up of 97.5% sodium chloride and 2.5% chemicals and absorbants.  It is the form of salt used in processed foods, restaurants and in most households.  This sodium chloride […]

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