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Planning and then Going with the Flow!

I have always been a good planner.  My attention to detail was sharp.  In fact I would say that I have a little bit of an obsessive compulsive tendency when it comes to planning events, trips, dinner parties etc. Well…..now that I’m limited with my walking ability, energy levels etc. living with MS, I’ve had […]

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50 Things My Future Self Wants Me to Know.

I love this article from “Mind Body Green” website written by Shannon Kaiser. Your future self might say: Things will work out. Stop worrying so much. Have more fun. As a reflection on how to live a more balanced and happy life, consider creating your own list of what your future self wants you to […]

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Vitamin G….the missing link!

We are popping vitamin pills left, right and center to enhance our well being.  And rightfully so with the state of our food supply today…. we need to supplement with good quality vitamins and minerals. But one very important “vitamin” missing in society today is VITAMIN G.  I bet you’ve never heard of vitamin G […]

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Meditation is an extremely important part of healing.  Many experts feel it is the most important part. I am inclined to agree. I have finally cracked the code for myself….I am now meditating twice a day.  I do a short 15 minute Gratitude meditation in the morning.  This little exercise certainly sets the tone for the day.  […]

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The Power of Calmness

My oldest brother sent me this little story below.  I read it and thought it would be good to share with others on my website. I have recently come through a bit of a tough time since fracturing my foot.  The restriction of movement this injury resulted in for me became a huge mountain.  But…in actual fact […]

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