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Should I drink cold water?

This is the question of the day. Should I drink ice cold water or should I drink room temperature or warm water. Which is best for my system? I have always preferred room temperature water myself. There are scientific reasons why you should be mindful of the temperature of your drinking water according to “The […]

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Food and Covid

I just read a very informative article by my health guru, Dr. Mercola, regarding how foods can influence your risk of dying from Covid. The big food highlighted in this article is “fermented food”. Things like Kim Chi which is fermented vegetables, sauerkraut, Yogurt, kefir, miso, tempeh, kombucha are what is considered fermented foods. Apparently […]

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Vitamin D – so important!

The sunshine vitamin……Vitamin D is more like a hormone in your body. For me, living with Multiple Sclerosis, vitamin D is at the top of my list of supplements to take daily. I have to take the supplement each day as I cannot sit in the sun like I use to be able to. MS […]

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Black Pepper

Do you like to add a little kick to your food with black pepper? If you answered yes to this question…good news….black pepper carries many health benefits to your body. Black peppercorns are dried berries from the Piper Nigrum vine. In the Ayurvedic medicine world, black pepper, known as the “king of spices” has many […]

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Drink Lemon Water

We all hear that drinking water and staying hydrated is so important.  Our bodies are made up of almost 75% water.  We lose water from our bodies in so many ways that we must keep replenishing it. Our bodies require this elixir to help carry nutrients to our organs, to regulate our body temperature, to flush […]

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Powerful Horseradish

Horseradish is a root vegetable and a member of the mustard family.  This powerhouse root has been used in herbal medicine for many, many years. Most of us think of horseradish as the pungent and a bit spicy condiment we eat on the side of a slice of roast beef…right.  Well think again.    Horseradish has […]

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Spirulina – A Superfood!

 Green….the colour of one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet….  SPIRULINA. When you hear the phrase “eat your greens” there is a ton of merit to it. Spirulina is a form of blue green algae found in the ocean and sometimes in lakes.  It is a single-celled super-algae containing a very concentrated complete protein, 8 […]

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