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Mulberries are very beneficial to our health. Many people think a mulberry is the same as a black berry.  Not true! Mulberries are native to Asia, Europe and Africa.  The blackberry is native to South America and parts of the northern hemisphere.  Mulberries grow on trees and Blackberries grow on thorny bushes. For the purpose […]

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Probiotics for Radiant Health

The human body is full of bacteria.  We need a balance of friendly bacteria and unfriendly bacteria for the body to function at it’s optimal.  There are many influences that can upset the balance of this bacteria ratio such as poor diet, exposure to toxins, antibiotic use, poor lifestyle habits etc. Consuming probiotics on a […]

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Spirulina – A Superfood!

 Green….the colour of one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet….  SPIRULINA. When you hear the phrase “eat your greens” there is a ton of merit to it. Spirulina is a form of blue green algae found in the ocean and sometimes in lakes.  It is a single-celled super-algae containing a very concentrated complete protein, 8 […]

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