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Coffee…has become my “drug” of choice!

Yes, that is correct. I am back to drinking coffee after about 25 years of consuming green tea as my “caffeine” fix. Coffee has taken prominence in my day. I am really enjoying a couple of cups of coffee each day. Meeting socially around a cup of coffee…taking an afternoon break from whatever my sweetie […]

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The Paleo Diet

It’s hard to admit this but I am no longer a “diehard vegan”. I’ve been gradually making my way back to animal protein. For the past 4 months I have been following the Paleo Diet again. I tried it back in 2012 for a short time but did not like it, perhaps I was not […]

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Coffee – Good or Bad

The vast majority of people in our country start their day with a hot cup of coffee.  It’s energizing and kind of get’s things moving….so to speak. Coffee is everywhere in our society.  We have coffee breaks at work.  We meet friends and colleagues at coffee shops for a business meeting or just a bit […]

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