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A Collective Sigh…..

I won’t post about politics again, especially about another country….I promise…..but I have to follow up my previous posts about the USA and the political chaos that we all witnessed over the past few years. On Wednesday January 21, 2021 I watched the Inauguration of Joe Biden to President of the USA and Kamala Harris […]

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Meditation is an extremely important part of healing.  Many experts feel it is the most important part. I am inclined to agree. I have finally cracked the code for myself….I am now meditating twice a day.  I do a short 15 minute Gratitude meditation in the morning.  This little exercise certainly sets the tone for the day.  […]

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Mind Over Medicine

I feel very fortunate to have come across a book which was meant for me to read.  I am so inspired by Dr. Lissa Rankin, author and lecturer on the topic of “Mind Over Medicine”.  I respect the fact that this doctor is stoking the fire for necessary changes regarding the mindset of her fellow physicians, patients and anyone else who reads her work. Lissa’s […]

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