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Canola Oil….Good or Evil!

It’s in everything.  If you read labels on processed food, salad dressings, cookies, crackers, junk food, cereal, pet food etc. then you know I am talking about CANOLA OIL,  also known as Rapeseed oil. It is, in my books, EVIL! I avoid canola oil at all cost.  I bet you want me to tell you why.  […]

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And you thought eating fish was healthy…..

Most people think that eating fish is healthy.  It use to be.    Read this article by Dr. Joseph Mercola and you may think twice about eating too much fish. After reading this article you may decide to lean into veganism a little bit.  Organic veggies and whole grains, nuts, seeds and fresh organic fruit are […]

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Out of Control SCIENCE!!!

I just had to share this SOS by Mike Adams of www.naturalnews.com .  Mike is dubbed the Health Ranger for his constant attention to the health of our planet in all facets.  I am a reader of all of Mike’s articles on health, wellness and enviromental issues.  He is definitely bringing an awareness to the masses about the most serious issues that […]

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Cereal Crimes

http://youtu.be/-sw2uEupTwo   When I saw this YouTube video (link above) about so called “Healthy Cereal” containing genetically modified elements my blood pressure went up…so to speak. This is a perfect example of how the “big boys” in the corporate world think they can play with peoples lives for their corporate bonus.  I am doing my utmost at […]

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