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A Collective Sigh…..

I won’t post about politics again, especially about another country….I promise…..but I have to follow up my previous posts about the USA and the political chaos that we all witnessed over the past few years. On Wednesday January 21, 2021 I watched the Inauguration of Joe Biden to President of the USA and Kamala Harris […]

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The Sweetness of a Simple Life

A beautiful thing happened to me a few weeks ago.  A package arrived in the mail from a lovely couple my husband did business with a few years ago….a couple who are a delight to have acquaintance with….a friendship we would like to nurture to become more than it is today. In this package was a book that […]

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Fukishima tearing up west coast of North America

Hello readers. I am currently travelling……so going to share a quick article from Natural News regarding the Fukishima Nuclear Power Plant disaster which is very scary.   We don’t hear too much about this issue in the news anymore…but it is still going on and it is wreaking havoc with mother nature. Article starts here:   […]

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