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A Different kind of Mother’s Day!

No less important….actually, I think even more important…..but celebrated today in a very different way than we have been accustom to for generations. There is no special family gathering to celebrate Mom. There is no Sunday brunch at her favourite restaurant to celebrate Mom. Mother’s Day is a really important day at the best of […]

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BEFORE I PUBLISHED THE WRITING BELOW, that I received from a friend during this CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC, I did some digging. I did not want to be sharing anything that was completely wrong. I’m not saying that the writing within the framework is right either. It is interesting when you do the statistical comparisons. After doing […]

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Daily Quarantine Questions

My girlfriend sent me this fridge list of questions to ask yourself daily while you are at home with lots of time on your hands. I immediately moved this awesome list to my website to share with all of you. It’s a list of things I have been doing myself, from the get go! Being […]

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A Time for Reflection!

“REFLECTION IS THE LAMP OF THE HEART. IF IT DEPARTS, THE HEART WILL HAVE NO LIGHT.” – Abdullah ibn Alawi al-Haddad, (17th century spiritual master) My sweetie and I have just completed our 14 day “voluntary” isolation after returning from the USA. We have chosen to stay in isolation way past this 2 week time […]

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Home Sweet Home!

Hi everybody. We are home from the USA and are in day number 10 of our voluntary 14 day isolation as I type this post. We got home the day before the mandatory 14 days of isolation order came down from our BC Health Minister. The government order pertains to people who have just returned […]

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Coronavirus….scary stuff!

If you haven’t heard about this fast moving virus with no cure, sweeping through areas of China and now many other countries, then you need to start paying attention to the news. This is very disturbing stuff. Could it be the next global pandemic? Very possibly. I am currently watching a Netflix limited series called […]

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