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Soup Time

It’s definitely soup time. And with the recipe below soup can be the main event. A big bowl of steaming hot soup is so nourishing. To me, soup prep time is a good time to clean out the fridge of all the bits and pieces of vegetables and certain leftovers that could go into a […]

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It’s Comfort Cooking Season

We are usually in the California desert at this time of year enjoying summer like weather conditions and summer style cooking. Covid-19 and American politics are keeping us in Canada for our first winter in a very long time. It’s not a bad thing. (Covid is a bad thing…but having to stay in Canada because […]

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Autumn Beef Bourguignon Paleo Style

Fall is here. No denying that fact. With this time of year comes rainy grey days and the feeling of “hibernation”. Comfort food is the thing we crave as the days get shorter and the temperatures start to drop. It’s sweater weather and crockpot season. Here is a yummy and easy to make recipe for […]

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White Chicken Chile

As you have learned from previous posts is that I am now eating the high healthy fat, low carb way kind of like the ketogenic diet. All of my recipes will now contain organic, grass fed proteins….for the purpose of this recipe it is organic chicken breast. This version of Chile is a great comfort […]

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Crockpot Beef Stew

Yes…you are reading this right.  I am sharing a recipe for BEEF stew.  After being vegan for several years, I’m back to eating red meat occasionally.  Of course it HAS TO BE GRASS FED as per my post of a few weeks ago explaining the differences in nutrition between conventional beef vs. grass fed beef. […]

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Bean Ragout

We all know that the Mediterranean cooking style promotes good health.  I love the flavors of the Mediterranean and often create my vegan, gluten free meals using the best of olive oils, olives, herbs and spices indicative of the Mediterranean.  In previous posts I have written about how healthy and nutritious beans are for you.  They […]

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