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Black Beans

Protein packed and antioxidant strong, the black bean is a staple in my vegan diet. There is so much you can do with the mighty bean when it comes to creative cooking.  I will share a surprising recipe with you at the end of this post that’s primary ingredient is the black bean. Beans are […]

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Do Vegans get enough protein?

Yes, I am VEGAN.  I have been now for 5 years.  I don’t miss eating dairy and meat.  People often ask me how I get enough protein.  My quick answer is from beans, nuts, seeds and veggies.  And yes, I get enough.  Most people are getting way too much protein daily. This clip below from […]

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I love Beans. (3 Bean Chili recipe included)

As a vegan I need to be careful that I am taking in enough protein from sources other than animal protein as I don’t eat any meat or dairy.   BEANS are my favorite way to get enough protein in my diet.  There are so many different kinds of beans and so many ways to prepare […]

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