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No official post today

Just want to say that I hope you are all enjoying your holiday season with the people you love. I did not do a post for this week as we are enjoying our holiday season somewhat “Unplugged”. I’ll catch up with you the first week of January. “I will honour Christmas in my heart, and […]

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I just read a scary article on MERCOLA.COM. This is one of my “health” sites I subscribe to for leading edge health and wellness information. Today I read about “Pineapples” and was so shocked with what I read that I felt compelled to share it with my readers. Pineapples are a healthy, sweet and nutritious […]

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In memory of my Quincy boy!

We are dog lovers. We are very fond of the Shih Tzu breed. We are enjoying our fourth Shih Tzu dog, Riley. We enjoyed Tucker who lived 9 years and developed a type of leukemia. We lost him quickly following his diagnosis. That human/pet relationship dates back 25 years ago. Then we enjoyed 12 years […]

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I Have Learned to Be Grateful!

Throughout my journey of living with progressive Multiple Sclerosis, I have learned to be grateful.  There were times in the beginning when I felt lonely, broken and hopeless.  Through reading positive books and doing some soul searching I have come to realize that I have so much to be grateful for.  There are plenty of […]

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I made an “oops”

Hi to all of my readers. I apologize for a little slip up on my website yesterday.  An article about Magnesium Stearate that I had just started working on was posted in error.  It was just the opening paragraph.    I have removed it from my website and it will re-appear in April in it’s entirety. […]

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