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Vegan & Gluten free Christmas Cookies

Tis the season to give yourself permission to enjoy a few sweet treats that you wouldn’t normally have in your daily or weekly health regime.  It’s Christmas.  Let’s enjoy without letting down our healthy “guard”.  Rather than reaching for the white sugar laden, white gluten flour and bad fat processed cookies, here is a recipe […]

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With our Thanksgiving fresh in my mind, I’m reminded of a vegetable that we don’t include in our weekly rotation of vegetables very often.  It is often served at holidays along with the festive roast turkey dinner.  I never would have thought that this rarely eaten vegetable would be so good for you.  Time to start […]

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Fall Cooking

I love fall.  I love the crisp air, the colours on the trees as the leaves get ready to fall to the ground, lighting candles to add warmth to my home, sitting by the fire with wooly socks on and a homemade blanket from my Mom over my lap. I love fall for the changes […]

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It’s Peach Season

We have landed in our new “home” province of British Columbia, Canada on the very west coast of our beautiful country.  My honey and I are in the process of moving here.  I know….it’s a big move.  But…heh…why not.  Vancouver Island is going to be our new address for now.  I’m sure we will stay […]

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Spring Simplicity

Spring is here.  Breath in the fresh air, enjoy the renewal of all things. A wonderful combination of spring vegetables, good EVOO make a simple spring pasta dish…quick, very few ingredients.  Incredibly tasty and healthy. PASTA VERDE: 1 pkg of fusilli or penne pasta of your choice (I always use gluten free, organic brown rice […]

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Chicken Broccoli Casserole

As promised, I said last week that I would share the recipe I found on that inspirational site.  Well here it is. I tend to prepare our dinners in the morning when my energy is best.  With MS, by the late afternoon, I’ve run out of steam and the thought of putting together a nice […]

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White Chicken Chile

As you have learned from previous posts is that I am now eating the high healthy fat, low carb way kind of like the ketogenic diet. All of my recipes will now contain organic, grass fed proteins….for the purpose of this recipe it is organic chicken breast. This version of Chile is a great comfort […]

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Crockpot Beef Stew

Yes…you are reading this right.  I am sharing a recipe for BEEF stew.  After being vegan for several years, I’m back to eating red meat occasionally.  Of course it HAS TO BE GRASS FED as per my post of a few weeks ago explaining the differences in nutrition between conventional beef vs. grass fed beef. […]

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Vegetable Madras Curry

As a vegan, I’m always looking for tasty and interesting ways to nourish.  At this time of the year I tend to seek out recipes that give off that sense of warmth. Curry is one “sure fire” way to warm you.  Curry has health benefits too.  Curry has been shown to benefit our health in […]

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Tempeh eh? What on earth is tempeh, you ask. Well, tempeh is my “go to” protein when making delicious vegan dishes.  If you’ve read my posts in the past you will remember my “tempeh sloppy joe” recipe or my “tempeh vegan chile”. Cooking with tempeh is like cooking with ground beef but tempeh can also […]

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