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I loved golfing pre-Multiple Sclerosis. I tried to keep it up for as long as I could but about 6 years ago I finally threw in the towel….so to speak. My last time golfing back then, I took a swing on the tee box and just about ended up in the pond beside the tee. […]

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Miracle Balls

Maybe you’ve heard about “Miracle Balls”.  Maybe you use them in your exercise regime.  I just learned about them this past May from my personal trainer friend, Tanya Morrison, who comes to my home 3 days a week to help me keep my MS ravaged limbs stretched and strengthened. Miracle Balls were introduced to the […]

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Interesting Facts

Now that the new year is here most of us have set resolutions to change things about the way we live our lives, whether it be to get out of debt, lose weight, exercise more etc.  There are many types of resolutions.  The one that is most important to your health and wellness is EXERCISE!  Check out this […]

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Sitting too Long

Did you know that sitting too long is dangerous to your health.  Sitting at your desk, in your car, or on your couch too long can cause muscle imbalance among other things.  Researchers have found that sitting for long periods of time increases levels of cholesterol in the body which could lead to heart disease.  One […]

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Healthy, Fit & Strong

As a person living with Multiple Sclerosis it is of utmost importance for me to keep my body strong. The best way to achieve this is with regular physical activity and powerhouse nutrition. Now, just because you don’t have Multiple Sclerosis doesn’t mean physical activity isn’t equally as important for you. We all need exercise […]

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Regular Exercise

The human body was built to move. Not just day to day movement. The body requires physical exercise to stay strong in many ways. The muscles need to be challenged to the point of fatigue repeatedly to strengthen them and keep them strong. Treating all of the major muscle groups and the smaller less obvious […]

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