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A Tribute to Beautiful Beatriz

I am grieving the loss of a beautiful friend, Beatriz Zentner, who went to join the angels on Thursday of this week. When Paul and I first moved to the west coast, Beatriz was the first person I met and we bonded right away. We became instant friends. That’s no surprise as Beatriz was such […]

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Are you poisoning yourself each morning?

Every morning across the world the majority of people are unknowingly slathering their underarms with toxins. Conventional deodorants are loaded with chemicals which are toxic to the human body.  Every day people are exposing their bodies to this toxic soup and with daily use these toxins are building up in them. Some of the damaging […]

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I stopped wearing pretty smelling conventional perfumes and my hubby stopped wearing manly colognes several years ago.  Now when I am around someone who has perfume on it almost gives me a headache.  Why is that? There are thousands of chemicals used in the production of women’s perfumes and men’s colognes.  Fragrance is created with […]

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Things to AVOID in your body products and cosmetics!

I have blogged about this topic before but it certainly deserves more coverage than it gets. Take a look in your arsenal of body care products from shampoos and conditioners to lotions and potions, and even your cosmetics.  There are thousands of chemicals in the personal care products sold on the grocery and drug store […]

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My Beautiful Mom

Mother’s Day is this Sunday….. that special day to officially celebrate our Mom’s and all they do for us and all they are to us. I am blessed to still have my beautiful Mom in my life.  She’s been everything positive a Mom could possibly be to me over my lifetime.  A caregiver, an educator, […]

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Drink Lemon Water

We all hear that drinking water and staying hydrated is so important.  Our bodies are made up of almost 75% water.  We lose water from our bodies in so many ways that we must keep replenishing it. Our bodies require this elixir to help carry nutrients to our organs, to regulate our body temperature, to flush […]

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Underwire Bras…

Hey ladies….listen up! We all wear them.  And thank goodness for that…right? But is your bra helping you or causing harm to your body? Many doctors and scientists have reported that snug fitting bras can cut off the important lymph drainage around your breasts and underarms which can eventually lead to breast cancer.  Now that […]

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Radishes…a beauty food.

I love them.  They are crisp, a bit spicy, and highly nutritious. Radishes are a root vegetable similar to a carrot.   The veggie grows under the earth and absorbs most of it’s nutrients from the soil it is grown in.  My recommendation is to purchase organic radishes to ensure that the soil they have been […]

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Mother’s Day

It’s that time of year again.  Spring has sprung, the birds are singing their songs, the flower planting season is just around the corner, the trees are budding and life is renewing after a long cold winter…. Along with celebrating this special season of renewal it is time to officially celebrate our MOMS! Where do I […]

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Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic ritual introduced to the modern world in 1992 by Dr. F. Karach, MD claiming that oil pulling can help detoxify, and produce great oral health.  I have come across this remedy several times over the years when reading my health and wellness books and researching online.    I know that oil […]

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