About Marcia

My name is Marcia…. a HEALTH and WELLNESS junkie. I have been on this ever changing journey to VIBRANT HEALTH for several years now and my brain is just too full of good information on the topic to keep it to myself. I decided I had better put my NATURAL HEALTH knowledge onto paper (so to speak) so I could share it with all of my fellow HEALTH SEEKING JUNKIES.

My interest in NATURAL NUTRITION and HEALTH and WELLNESS started two decades ago…to be exact. It all started with a dizzy spell while meandering through the local grocery store. I absolutely knew that I was lacking good sound NUTRITION with the LIFESTYLE I was living. I was a bit of a JUNK FOOD NUT at that time. I loved to eat and what I ate did not really matter. I did not feel healthy back then. I was battling 20 pounds of excess body weight that was contributing to a frustrated and unhappy MIND. I was in my early 30’s and realized that if I did not get a grip I was heading for trouble.

A dear girlfriend suggested I pay a visit to her NATURAL NUTRITIONIST. The very first thing I was instructed to do was ditch the white stuff ie., sugar, white bread, white flour, white pasta, white salt, white potatoes…basically all REFINED CARBOHYDRATES and JUNK FOOD as well as HYDROGENATED FATS. It was tough at first but in very short order I started to feel my health turning around. I stopped drinking coffee and switched to GREEN TEA.

I started pouring over HEALTH and WELLNESS related books. I became passionate about NATURAL NUTRITION. I got back on the FITNESS regime that I had given up years before. Things started to turn around rapidly and I regained my general feeling of WELLBEING. I made it my mission to shop for ORGANIC FOOD only. I gradually changed everything in my kitchen to ORGANIC. It took a few years to make this conventional to ORGANIC transition complete.

In my early years of ORGANICS the choices and availability of those good foods were slim. I had to drive 2 hours into the city to stock up. And back then ORGANICS cost a fortune. It wasn’t easy but it was necessary. My HEALTH and the HEALTH of my loved ones I was preparing food for was worth every extra penny that this new NOURISHMENT cost. Nowadays the cost of ORGANIC FOOD has come down considerably and the availability has gone up which is great for all.

So…I was taking care of my NUTRITION… for the most part. I was certainly not an angel with my diet but I had made leaps and bounds in comparison to what I had been ingesting in the past. There was definitely room for improvement though. A life of travel and lots of social revelling interfered with sticking to my regime wholeheartedly.

In 2008 I was diagnosed with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. That shook me to my foundation. How could this be happening to me? At first my new reality made me throw caution to the wind. I lived a rather reckless lifestyle that first year post-diagnosis. I knew this craziness was not going to serve me well. I had a good long talk with myself. I set a goal. A goal that most in the ALLOPATHIC MEDICAL PROFESSION think is out of the realm of possibility. I am on a journey towards LIVING A LIFE FREE OF MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS through NATURAL AND ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE CHOICES.

I halted all use of PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS to treat MULTIPLE SLCEROSIS after one year. I started out on this goal of mine as a VEGETARIAN. I then moved to a RAW VEGAN diet. I am now living a VEGAN, ORGANIC, GLUTEN FREE, ALLERGEN FREE, ALCOHOL FREE,  lifestyle.  I use totally natural non-toxic, organic personal body care products as well.

The changes I am experiencing with my WELLBEING are just short of MIRACULOUS. I no longer have those 20 pounds of excess body weight. I am comfortable in my own skin. CONFIDENCE abounds. The symptoms of MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS are few. I feel ALIVE, VIBRANT, ENERGETIC, JOYFUL, OPTIMISTIC and am enjoying a more MINDFUL LIFE daily. SPIRITUALITY has made it’s way into my life through my meditation practice.  I am in tune with NATURE. I appreciate each day in a “day tight compartment”. I no longer fret over what lies ahead or what has passed. I am LIVING FOR THE PRESENT.

I post on a weekly basis on my site….the bits and bites of my LEARNING and EXPERIENCES for you to enjoy and maybe some of the topics will resonate with you.

I have come to realize that you can accumulate material things and have money in the bank… things society associates with being wealthy. …. But the reality is if you don’t have HEALTH, all of the material “stuff” and the balance of your bank book do not represent true WEALTH.


To your “Health Wealth”!

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