Happy Mother’s Day!

This is that one unique day of the year where we reflect on how important and how special our Moms really are to us. I am blessed to have an amazing Mom. My Mom just turned 90 this past week. I celebrate the fact that I’ve lived my 60 years with her by my side and we are still on our journey.

I have posted about my Mom before… fact many times…..and that is good. She is worthy of many posts because she is an amazing, beautiful, loving, caring woman. The infinite love my Mother has given to me through the years is what has made me who I am today. She is a wonderful role model, raising 7 children, and giving her love to 10 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren.

Unfortunately this pandemic we are living through keeps my Mom and I apart. It is 2 years this week since I saw her last and hugged her close. I hope and pray that we can reunite soon. I need to experience that comforting embrace only a Mom can give.

As I sit here forming thoughts about this post, I reminisce about all of the fun times I have been fortunate to experience with my Mom. We shopped together, we traveled overseas together a number of times, we wined and dined together, we laughed, we cried, we entertained family and friends together, we worked together during our Partylite years….and so much more. Blessed am I to have experienced all of those fun times with my Mom.

I found this short little poem online and felt it was very appropriate for today. It says what needs to be said to express my gratitude for all that my Mom has done for me and my siblings throughout our lives. It’s called “GUIDING LIGHT MOM”.

“MOM, from the time I was really young,

I realized I had someone….you,

Who always cared, who always protected me,

Who was always there for me no matter what.

You taught me right from wrong, and pushed me to do the right thing, even when it was hard to do.

You took care of me when I was sick, and your love helped make me well.

You had rules, and I learned that when I played by those rules my life was simpler, better, richer.

You were and are the guiding light of my life.

My heart is filled with love for you,


-author Joanna Fuchs

I believe my close mother-daughter relationship is the most significant union of my life. My Mom allowed me to falter so that I would become stronger and more confident on my own. My Mom is a good listener. My Mom accepts my differences and doesn’t try to mold me into a “Minnie Connie”.

We honor the bond between us with mutual respect.

I love you Mom and I can’t wait for that big hug you have waiting for me when we can reunite.


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