A Tribute to Beautiful Beatriz

I am grieving the loss of a beautiful friend, Beatriz Zentner, who went to join the angels on Thursday of this week.

When Paul and I first moved to the west coast, Beatriz was the first person I met and we bonded right away. We became instant friends. That’s no surprise as Beatriz was such a kind, loving and accepting person. It was so easy to be with her. We could talk about anything.

At the beginning of our 13 year friendship, Paul and I would go out golfing with Beatriz and her husband (at the time). We would go out for dinner with them on a regular basis. We enjoyed Beatriz’s company very much. As time rolled on and Beatriz became a single person again, Paul and I continued our golf, dining out and our ongoing friendship with her. She was easy to be with. We always had something to talk about. She was a special lady and I will cherish the short 13 years we had to enjoy each other’s friendship.

Just weeks ago Beatriz told me that she would be an angel on my shoulder and that I should watch out for signs that she is near. I will be very in tune with those little “God Winks” because I know it will be my friend Beatriz coming by to say hi and let me know she is good in the hands of her God.

Beatriz retained all of her friendships from her younger years right on through her life. She is loved, admired and respected by many. She will be sorely missed by all here at the Bear Mountain Golf Club. Paul and I will miss her so much.


I am better for knowing you, better for loving you, better for having met you. May you be as blessed in the next life, my friend, as I was in this one by knowing you.”

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