The Blame Game!

We are in the midst of a pandemic. People are dying of Covid 19 all over the world. Businesses are shuttering up. Unemployment is rising. Homelessness is rising. Hospitals are at capacity. It’s a very sad and very challenging time for all of us.

If there is one common thread in all of the media coverage during this unprecedented time in our lives…’s BLAME!

Everywhere we hear and see people pointing fingers at others blaming them for all that is wrong in their world today. We hear people complaining about the shortfalls in the health care system. We hear people blaming the government from the Prime Minister right on down to the local public servants who put themselves out there to try and better their communities. We hear people complaining about the Long Term Care Homes and their negligence in caring for seniors. We hear complaints about the vaccine roll out being too slow….and on and on and on it goes.

Our society has become a society of “finger pointing”. It’s frustrating to hear so many people “complaining” about situations that don’t meet “their standards”. Come on people! Let’s stop blaming others and start lending our support to try and make things better.

It’s become evident to me that in this current society we live in, YOU CANNOT PLEASE EVERYONE. There will be critics….. without doubt there will be critics. I think that if these critics stepped up to the plate and put their time and effort into whatever situation they are unhappy with they may be a little more understanding of the hurdles others have to go over to get things done.

I dislike complainers. I find that most complainers are unhappy people. They try to deflect the negativity of their own existence onto others for their own benefit. Not for the right reasons. There is so much time and energy wasted on blaming rather than addressing the situation in question.

During this pandemic, there are a lot of complainers coming to the surface. Just turn on the news and watch it for a little while. There isn’t a topic in today’s “hot topics” that isn’t without blame attached to it. Blaming others is comparing ourselves to others. Blaming others is a way to self position ourselves higher than those we blame. This is proof when you watch politicians bicker back and forth about the pandemic and “how their party would handle the situation better”. Give me a break…..stop the criticism. Hold hands and tackle this issue together. By blaming the other party for not doing a good job… my opinion….makes the blamer look weaker.

There is a culture of “blame” these days. Why does there always have to be someone at fault? To me, blaming others is a way to deflect fault or responsibility from ourselves…trying to make the other person or party negligent in order to take the pressure off ourselves. I also think that “blame” comes with a “grudge”. If you have any misgivings about a person then it is easy to throw blame at them as a form of attack. It’s like “passing the buck”.

Blaming others is a defense mechanism so we can avoid our own shortcomings. I know a few folks who are always blaming others. Now that I know that is their “default” setting, I find myself avoiding any dialogue with them, as it is generally a negative conversation which usually brings down my mood. I’m sure you have encountered people in your life who bring you down too.

Attitude makes all the difference in any situation. How a person’s attitude is towards life in general dictates how well they are at coping with life’s ups and downs. Life is a learning process for all of us. We all make mistakes. Learning from our mistakes is how we learn the rights and wrongs. If we don’t deal with our mistakes then instead, we find someone to toss the blame onto so we can avoid having to deal with the issue ourselves.

It really irk’s me when I see politicians going after each other and blaming for the vaccine shortage or any other situation that is not up to the blamers standards….or what he/she thinks their standards and abilities to perform better would be. These are challenging times for everybody and I think we all need to “cut some slack” to those doing their best day in and day out to try and get a grip on this pandemic.

So the next time you are looking for a scapegoat to toss blame on, look closely at yourself and the topic and decide whether your hardship is really something you should toss on someone else.

Let’s all try to get along during this pandemic and afterwards. Try not to blame others for things that aren’t warranted. If we live in a place of gratitude then things don’t seem so bad.

Let’s try and zip up the zipper that is wide open causing so much divisiveness in our society today. It’s almost like this; “if there isn’t an argument or debate going on about something….well then let’s start one”.

Living through this pandemic with restrictions and rules we must follow to stay safe and keep our neighbours safe is really not that bad. If you look at it from a different perspective…..a place of positivity….it is not so bad.

Remember this……YOUR HOME IS YOUR SANCTUARY. Enjoy the peace and quiet and security that you get inside the four walls of your sanctuary.

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