Oh My Goodness….I cannot believe what we witnessed.

We were out golfing yesterday morning when my phone starting buzzing with texts from my sister. She was sitting with my Mom watching a news channel covering the breach of the most iconic property in this world, The White House.

My website has primarily been about “health and wellness” so going off the path to politics is not going to be the norm. I just feel compelled to express my angst about what has happened in the USA, our neighbour, our mentor, a country we Canadians admired and looked up to. I don’t know about my readers but I’ve become slightly “tainted” about that country and how things have come to this point. I hope that healing can begin for them.

As we all saw…thugs, members of “proud boys”, white supremacists and average Americans were gathered outside the White House and then stormed and entered the stronghold, prompted by the leader of the free world. Why? Could it have been because a narcissist does not like to lose and the POTUS is a narcissist in the highest form. Could it have been because he cannot accept that his opponent Joe Biden won the Presidential election FAIR AND SQUARE? I believe that is a proven fact….approximately 62 court attempts to change the election have been thrown out of the court system with NO EVIDENCE of fraud or corruption.

I’m not a political interest person but never have I spent more time talking about what is happening to our neighbours south of the border. We have spent many winters in the USA and we love it down there. We have many relatives there and many great friends there that we love dearly. BUT….us going to the USA right now is the furthest thing from our minds. It’s a bit of a mess. It’s almost like a pressure cooker…that’s been simmering for 4 years blew it’s lid yesterday. The way we interpret it is that the loose cannon holding the top seat in the land is the one who turned the pressure cooker on at least 4 years ago and has been turning up the pressure until yesterday it reached it’s maximum pressure and blew up.

We are all in shock and awe that the White House can be breached so easily as it was yesterday. We are sad, disheartened, almost embarrassed for the vast majority of people in the US who are good, hard working, neighbour loving, kind, caring, family oriented, sharing people.

It’s not my country and I have no right to comment on this but I do have an opinion. I cannot fathom that a reality show personality, known narcissist, sexist, racist man could become the President of the US in the first place. Have he and his “henchmen” hoodwinked over 70 million followers. It’s like he is their “Messiah”. We have seen interviews of some of his Republican followers and they seem to think he is going to save them. Some of these interviews we have seen are of very academic Harvard/Princeton/Yale alumni. It seems that they think that what he has done is okay. It is hard for us to fathom that Christians and other faiths think he is a moral man and they don’t mind their children and grandchildren looking up to this kind of personality…that “Women for Trump” back him despite the audio tapes of him talking about abusing women.

We must be missing something. Despite giving equal time to all news networks so we see and hear both sides….we are missing something.

Even the people who are around this man….the likes of Stone, Manafort, Bannon, Giuliano….it’s as clear as the nose on my face that these guys are shady. They are pardoned of criminal behavior that sent a few of them to prison, and they are now back out on the street stoking the division and hatred and anger between the 2 main parties. American politics is so damaged.

I just watched Trump supporter and Trump friend, Lindsay Graham speak on tv about how the conspiracy theory and BS coming from the POTUS must stop. That the stuff Trump is spewing is simply not true. The allegations of wrongdoing and corrupt election results are JUST NOT TRUE. I don’t understand how a man like Graham who was a dedicated Trump backer for the past 4 years can suddenly flip directions in an instant. Maybe it’s to try and save his own political career and his own legacy. I think the horse has left the barn in this regard.

For Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media to suspend Trumps accounts until after the transition of power to Biden/Harris has taken place speaks volumes.

I pray for the new administration. I hope that Biden and Harris can mend the wound that runs so deep between their citizens. The world is watching and hoping and praying for the USA.

I am sorry to hear that people lost their lives and were injured yesterday in the midst of the chaos. There is blood on the hands of the POTUS and I hope he is held accountable for everything he promoted yesterday. And yet he denies responsibility for stoking the flames of anger and unrest.

I heard an interview last evening on a news channel and the gentleman being interviewed said that in the weeks, months and years to come “Trump will be a man with no country”. That must be an awful feeling for a narcissist who thrives on admiration.

In closing, Canadians are watching and hoping that civility and “loving thy neighbor” returns to the USA soon.

I also hope that the events of yesterday don’t become a “super spreader” of COVID-19…..which would be another layer of ugly on top of a layer of ugly.


As a footnote…..I apologize if my post offends anyone. There is no ill will intended here. I am just a puzzled onlooker wondering how the situation got so “out of control”.


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