A Collective Sigh…..

I won’t post about politics again, especially about another country….I promise…..but I have to follow up my previous posts about the USA and the political chaos that we all witnessed over the past few years.

On Wednesday January 21, 2021 I watched the Inauguration of Joe Biden to President of the USA and Kamala Harris to Vice-President of the USA. While watching the event on television, I felt this sense of calm come over me. I made a big sigh as I felt like this was a turning point for our friends to the south. And even for the world….as I know Joe Biden is going to do his best to mend the broken fences.

Watching the previous POTUS move off the podium was a relief to me and to many of our friends on both sides of the border. It seemed that the past four years of news coverage was a fixation on “what did he do now”, “what did he lie about today” or “who did he fire on Twitter”. It was agitation all the time. In fact I asked my sweetie to stop watching the news before bed as it was disturbing and affecting my sleep.

When I saw Joe Biden put his hand on the Bible and swear his allegiance to America and all Americans no matter who they support in the elections, I really did feel “a collective sigh” from the world at large. Even the Canadian news last evening had a different feel to it. The broadcasters had a more optimistic tone. It just seems like everyone I saw on the news yesterday on different channels was happier and less tense. After all, for the past 4 years the news channels have had to skirt around the label “enemy of the people” as they were labeled by the previous administration.

I am very optimistic and hopeful that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can bring the people of the USA back to the middle. They have split so far apart that it is palpable. Being snowbirds and spending many winters in the USA we could sense the tension. It’s going to be a long road back but I really hope that this team can calm down the rhetoric and work for the nation as a whole.

We love the USA and want to continue enjoying time there in our retirement. We pray that when the pandemic is over or at least under control, that we can return to the winter warmth of the California desert and feel welcome and safe there again.

Bottom line……I am very happy that the position of power was handed to a man of morals, faith, kindness, empathy and respect for his fellow man.

I wish Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the best of success in healing the USA and I hope that they get the respect they deserve and the support they need to get the job done.


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