Good Time for Gratitude

I said to Paul the other day, that I don’t like to hear people complain about the tedium or mundane parts of living through the Covid 19 pandemic.

When you turn on the news, you are inundated with negatives. Yes, I agree that there are many, many elements of our lives that are being deeply affected by the pandemic. I’m very aware of this. I realize that our economy is taking a major hit. I appreciate the struggles of young families trying to keep their children healthy whilst attending school. I understand that these are very difficult times for most everyone. We are all being affected by this pandemic….financially, socially, emotionally and more.

We can no longer just go out our front doors, jump in our car and go to the store or the mall or the movie theatre or the restaurant or our friends and families homes for a visit. We must keep our guard up at all times outside of our safe haven, home. A trip to the grocery store is now a fearful activity. We are fraught with stress and anxiety around every corner.


Having acknowledged that, I also acknowledge a profound sense of gratitude. Why do I feel gratitude in a time like this? Well, there are many reasons. When we stop to think about what we have to be grateful for, it is amazing how much goodness comes to mind.

I’m not going to go through my personal gratitude list but it is vast. Taking the time to write down what you are grateful for will surprise you. The act of stopping and taking stock of the good things in your life will make you realize that “life is good”….even in a pandemic that has stopped us in our tracks.

Exercising our gratitude muscles in this lengthy time of being
“shut off” from the world we knew pre-Covid, is a game changer. Instead of being in a “woe is me” funk, practicing gratitude makes the worst of this stressful time easier to cope with.

Being grateful affects us emotionally, physically, mentally and more. Being grateful boosts our immune system, creates happiness, gives us a better ability to cope, makes us take stock of the smallest things in our day to day life that we took for granted before Covid. Things that are really important.

Let’s count our blessings instead of counting the things we miss right now.

We are so fortunate that there are people putting their lives on the line for the better good of mankind.

  • We are blessed with scientists working to find a vaccine and/or a cure for this virus.
  • We are blessed with educators who continue to put teaching the children of this world as a priority.
  • We are blessed with doctors, nurses, first responders, hospital workers, grocery store clerks, truck drivers, farmers, law enforcement etc. who continue to go to their jobs day in, day out to help keep us healthy, safe and nourished.
  • We are blessed with “public servants” in government who are funding and working hard to keep our health care and our society running the best they can.

The courage of all of these incredible people going to their jobs despite the risk to their own health, for the benefit of society is something we all need to be GRATEFUL for. When you are 6 feet from a doctor, nurse, educator, farmer, grocery store employee, trucker, scientist, public servant etc. let them know how thankful you are for what they are doing. They deserve to know that you see them and you appreciate them.

There are millions of families missing a loved one lost due to Covid-19. I am thankful that I have not personally known anyone who has lost someone to Covid-19. I have a large family, spread out around North America and I am grateful that they are all healthy and safe. I am grateful for my many friends and the fact that they are all staying healthy and safe.

There are so many reasons to be grateful on the grand scale.

Just to bring it in closer to home, I am grateful for wholesome home cooking. I am grateful for good books, fresh air, essential oils, organic healthy food, my super supportive and loving partner….Paul, some excellent Netflix programs, a good cup of coffee, yoga pants, birds at our bird feeder, my cute little puppy curled up on the couch, Christmas lights, sunshine, golfing on the Paragolfer, friends, laughter, dark chocolate, wifi, candles, living at the edge of a forest, being 5 feet from a deer eating leaves, face masks, safe drinking water and so much more.

So my message in todays post is STOP, take stock of what is bringing joy to your day. Small and big, there are many reasons to be happy despite the troubled times we are all facing.

What you focus on is what will take up residence in your mind. If it’s a happy thought it will create a happy mood.


A prescription I believe works……try it.

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