A Collective sigh!

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I am a Canadian, and proud of it.

Most of my life has involved a connection with the United States of America, from relatives who reside there, to our family travels there, to purchasing goods from the US, to spending our retiring winters there. We have friends who live there, and I have two sisters who are full time residents in Florida. There are so many connections.

It has been with nervous anticipation that we sat back and watched the recent US Presidential election. Not 15 minutes ago, it was announced that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will become the 46th President and Vice-President of the USA in January 2021. Most of the world has just given a “collective sigh”!

We all have our opinions, our beliefs, our reasons for liking or disliking certain political ideals, politicians, news sources etc. Most of us have morals, values, principals, manners, respect, authenticity and more. But quite frankly, in my opinion, those characteristics of what “good people” should be made up of has been put in question over the past 4 years under the current administration.

Being a Canadian, I don’t have a vote, but I am entitled to my opinion. Nothing has brought me more relief than hearing that Joe Biden has won this election. I hope and pray for him as he embarks on what will be the most difficult correction in US history. The voters in the USA have spoken with their votes and want the USA restored to what it was….a great country full of opportunity. A country respected around the world.

Politics is not my thing, but for the past 4 years, it seems that is all we ever talked about in social groups, with my almost 90 year young Mom, or just Paul and I at the dinner table. It has been the “hot topic”. That is because it has been so polarized.

NARCISSISM – a personality disorder – is a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. THAT PRETTY WELL WRAPS IT UP RIGHT THERE.

The “narcissistic” personality of the person running the White House this past term has changed the USA. The world has been watching and, in disbelief, almost mourning the loss of that countries standing on the world stage. There are still many Americans who believe in the 45th POTUS. I don’t really understand why. I understand many are tired of the “status quo” but putting a “reality tv personality” with a bad track record in the highest position in the land….with his finger on the pulse…his children operating as his aides…..it has, undeniably, not been in the best interest of the country as a whole. He worked for his party and not the entire nation. He was president for republicans only, not for the entire population. We have a very difficult time believing that the so called smart senior men in high political positions in the Republican Party could sit back and allow their leader to say and tweet what he did. It’s unfathomable. We think four more years of his “me” behavior and lack of plan for Corona Virus, medical care, immigration and so much more would wreak havoc on an already disrupted nation.

As outsiders, we are relieved to know that Joe Biden will be steering their ship soon. Hopefully he will be able to restore civility and wipe out racism, get a handle on COVID-19 and global warming and all of the other hot button topics of our troubled world. We have always looked to the USA as the glue that binds our world. The last four years that glue was yellowed and cracking.

We, and fellow “snowbird” buddies have actually said we may never enter the USA again if the previous administration were in power for another term. We have friends who thought they may winter in Australia instead of California in the years to come. That was a potential reality that we all felt pretty adamant about.

Now that Joe Biden’s morals and values will be at the head of power in that country, our hopes of returning to the USA for our leisure months each year is not out of the question. Once Covid 19 is wiped out, we will hopefully feel good about spending our hard earned dollars in that country again.


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