Proud & Grateful Canadian

It’s so good to be home this Thanksgiving! Blessed are we!

It’s that time of year when we celebrate all that we are thankful for, usually with family and friends around the dinner table full of delicious traditional roast turkey and pumpkin pie. This Thanksgiving is going to be quite different for most of us as we continue to live through the Covid-19 pandemic. I never thought that when we were entering into this pandemic early in 2020 that we would still be dealing with it almost a year later. We now know that it will be with us for months and possibly years to come.

With the Covid restrictions in play we won’t be gathering with our families and friends around the dinner table this year. It will be a small dinner for Paul and I and likely “FaceTime” connections to our loved ones we won’t see over this holiday weekend.

Now just because we can’t gather in large groups to celebrate our gratitude does not mean that we can’t still reflect on what we are grateful for.

This year I am grateful for so much as I am every Thanksgiving. But this year I add more emphasis on how proud and grateful I am to be Canadian and to call Canada home. This is the first winter in almost 30 years that Paul and I will not be crossing the border into the United States on Thanksgiving weekend to head south to our winter warm “snowbird” migration spot where we usually spend 5 months, returning to Canada in April. We are remaining safely tucked away in our little Vancouver Island haven this winter and thankful we are. With Covid 19 raging in the USA more so than Canada, and the turmoil surrounding the election, the riots in major cities and the division of US population over all of this….we feel safer and more comfortable in our own peaceful, neighbor loving country…THE TRUE NORTH STRONG AND FREE!

When you stop to think about how fortunate we are to be Canadian and live in Canada there is so much to acknowledge and be grateful for. Let me point out just a few of the millions of reasons Canada is the place to be.

  1. We enjoy the change of seasons. Each season bringing with it, it’s own beauty. Spring is renewal, Summer is sunshine, warmth and outdoor activities, Fall is sweater weather and nature’s gorgeous colours as trees prepare to drop their leaves, and winter is fireplaces, Sunday roasts and white snow on the landscape.
  2. Canadians invented hockey, the telephone, insulin and cable tv to name a few.
  3. We Canadians have a reputation for being polite, caring of others, and easy to get along with.
  4. We have a pretty good healthcare system. It has it’s pros and cons but overall, it’s a blessing when you look at other countries and the struggle they have to get healthcare for the masses.
  5. We are a peaceful nation and have a great relationship with many countries.
  6. We are abundant in clean water. In fact I think we are near the top of the list of nations with this elixir of life.
  7. Our crime rate is low compared to other countries.
  8. We have good education in Canada. Many students come to Canada to attend the many top rated universities across the country.
  9. We have a beautiful landscape therefore being high on the list of tourist destinations. Each province has it’s own uniqueness from the ocean shores of the east coast Maritime provinces through ski country and wine country in Quebec, Toronto in Ontario which is a beautiful city on Lake Ontario. Ontario is laced with many beautiful fresh water lakes and rivers. Manitoba is also laced with beautiful lakes and rivers and northern rocky terrain. Saskatchewan offers miles and miles of prairie where farmers grow many different crops to help feed the world. Alberta is beautiful with the Rocky Mountains and Lake Louise. British Columbia shares the Rocky Mountains with Alberta and has the Pacific Ocean as it’s coastline. Vancouver Island, where we are is breathtakingly beautiful.
  10. We are open to immigration and welcome people from other countries and cultures to our country to begin new lives here.
  11. We are a free and democratic society.
  12. We elect our leader and don’t hate each other because of the party we choose. And I hope that never changes. That’s the divisive situation with our neighbors to the south. It’s really sad to see.
  13. We share our great land with many different species of animals, birds, insects, fish and sea animals.
  14. Canada is multicultural.
  15. Canada is a respected country among the G7 nations.
  16. Canada has produced and shared with the world, many scholars, actors, musicians, authors, movie directors, athletes, educators and more.
  17. There is great opportunity in Canada, entrepreneurs abound in this country.

I could go on and on and on, but I don’t think I need to. I think you get the picture. We are blessed. We need to pinch ourselves and remember that we are in a country with so many qualities for the young and old alike.

This Thanksgiving weekend let’s reflect on all there is in Canada to be grateful for.

My sweetie and I are proud to be Canadian. We are very happy to be home for the winter this year, and maybe for many years to come. It did not take a lot of discussion to decide to remain home for the winter. It’s our safe haven. We are very grateful for our country. OH CANADA! ❤️

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