Is it ignorance or fear?


Why are there people out there who don’t seem to care one little bit about COVID-19? They seem to be oblivious to the fact that our world, the entire world is in the middle of a very serious “pandemic”.

It angers me when I watch some Canadian news stories, but mostly I see it in the American news…..the message of ignorance is filtering down from the top. The person with the most powerful podium in the world is stoking the flames of “civil disobedience”. The POTUS is spreading COVID-19 by just being himself….“ignorant” and “vain”.

The message to stay home and stay safe is falling on deaf ears.

The message to wear a mask is not being supported by the President of the USA so his “subjects” or his base will not wear masks. Last I heard, “it infringes on their civil liberties”. Oh my goodness….get sick and die then. And while you are going down for the count, take a few friends and family with you. Is it me….or is this ridiculous human behavior?

It shocks me to see religious leaders continue to invite their parishioners into church with no social distancing or mask wearing required. They say “God” will keep them safe. It’s one thing to have “faith” in the lord but I don’t think he/she has any control over a virus such is the Coronavirus.

Beaches are open….people are flailing around on the sand or in the surf, sharing bodily fluids from perspiration and respiration. The sea air and salty ocean water is not going to keep the virus from spreading. Neither is the hot sun going to bake it away, which I heard is what some had predicted.

Bars and restaurants are open….most abiding by social distancing, thankfully. But some of the bars are allowing dancing and “rock and roll” as if there was nothing wrong in this world.

I agree wholeheartedly that it is difficult to stay home, to stop participating in social life as we knew it pre-COVID-19. We can do it because the alternative is not good.

We all have a responsibility to do our part in preventing the spread of Covid-19. It is our civil duty to stay home…our duty to wear masks when out in public spaces such as grocery stores, doctor’s offices, gas stations etc. And we must continue to wash our hands frequently and keep our personal space clean… as to avoid getting the virus and/or spreading the virus to others.

Even if we personally do not know anyone who has been lost or infected by the virus, we must have empathy and compassion for those amongst us who have been directly affected and are grieving the loss of family and friends.

If we take a quick look back in the history of the world…The 1918 Influenza Pandemic caused the closure of factories, schools, churches and other businesses. Mask wearing was mandatory.

Many people out there are losing focus on the gravity of our current situation. It is described as “crisis fatigue”.

For quite a long time, British Columbia had flattened the curve and our numbers were quite small. That gave us all a false sense of security. But now our numbers are on the rise as our economy re-opened and people from other provinces travel to BC for domestic vacations. Schools are back in class. Winter and flu season is just around the corner.

Now that researchers have had at least 6 months to study Covid-19 and learn more and more about the virus….we should remain fearful of it. Aside from the surface symptoms, mild or severe cough, loss of taste, fatigue, weakness there is more to it. You may get it and recover from it and you may not recover from it. A very scary discovery in people who have seemingly recovered from it are the underlying and lasting issues. Many have scarring of the lungs, some have developed blood clots leading to strokes, others have lasting liver problems. People who had very little symptoms during their experience with Covid-19 end up with inflamed and permanently damaged lungs. Doctors and scientists cannot yet explain how and why this permanent damage is occurring.

This is not a joke….and yet there are people out there treating it like a joke. If you are a member of this society, no matter how old you are, it is your responsibility to protect yourself, your family, friends, neighbors, fellow workers, first line workers, grocery clerks etc. from this insidious virus.

Stay home when you can, wear a mask outside of your home, wash your hands, stay in your bubble. This virus is here to stay for years to come.



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