Covid Vaccine

Will you allow your doctor to stick this “quick to market” Covid vaccine in your arm?

I’m not quite sure I will. I feel that I will have to wait it out to see how it stacks up in the millions of people who will line up and allow it to be injected into their bodies. Very little will be known about this vaccine with regards to how it is going to perform protecting humans from Covid. More importantly, very little will be known about what else it could do to the human body while the immune system goes into high gear to learn to live with the virus floating around in the body.

No matter which way you choose to go with this…..I guarantee there will be a lot of noise surrounding it.

According to which is one of my “go to” sites for health and wellness information, the US government is planning to launch a huge COVID-19 vaccine campaign. It is also rumored that a possible “MANDATORY” vaccination of the entire global population may be put into play , apparently to get Covid 19 under control.

Only half of the US people polled said they would get the vaccine when it is available. About 27% said they will definitely refuse it and another 12% polled said they would probably refuse it.

The Mercola article I read goes on to say that billions of dollars have been invested in the development of said vaccine and investors are going to do everything they can to turn the Covid vaccine into a money maker. This may have to include the use of force.

Yale University is working on messaging to maximize acceptance of the vaccine. Messaging they are working on:

  • Personal freedom – A message about Covid limiting people’s personal freedom and how working together to get enough people vaccinated can preserve society’s personal freedoms.
  • Economic freedom – A message about Covid limiting peoples economic freedom and how working together to get enough people pinned will preserve economic freedom.
  • Self-interest – A message that Covid presents a real danger to one’s health, even young and healthy people, with the idea that being vaccinated is the best way to prevent individuals from getting sick.
  • Community interest – A message about the dangers of Covid to the health of loved ones. The idea to promote that the more people who get vaccinated the lower the risk that loved one’s will get sick. “Society must all work together”.
  • Economic benefit – A message about Covid wreaking havoc on the economy and the only way to strengthen the economy is to work together to get people vaccinated.
  • Guilt message – This message is about the danger that Covid presents to the health of family and community. The best way to protect others is to get vaccinated. The message goes on to say “imagine how guilty you will feel if you don’t get vaccinated and end up spreading it to loved ones and others”.
  • Embarrassment message – This message is designed to embarrass people who don’t get the vaccine and subsequently spread the disease.
  • Anger message – This message is promote the vaccine. It is meant to suggest how angry one would be if they did not get vaccinated and end up spreading the disease.
  • Trust in Science message – A message about how getting vaccinated against Covid 19 is the most effective way to protect one’s community. It promotes that the vaccine is backed by science, and that anyone who doesn’t get it doesn’t understand how infections are spread or who ignores science.
  • Not bravery message – A message about firefighters, doctors, and front line medical workers are brave, and infers that those who choose not to vaccinate are not brave.

Results from testing of the Corona virus vaccine are not without worry, despite the media hype about it coming down the pipeline. One hundred percent of participants in the study suffered side effects of a two dose vaccine test and 21% suffered one or more severe events.

Despite these negative results, the trials are being considered successful.

As the Mercola article says, no matter how unsafe the Covid-19 vaccine ends up being, we are going to be bombarded with highly evocative advertising designed to play on our emotions.

The Mercola article goes on to say that now more than ever before your civil liberties are threatened. There is a global effort by WHO, pharmaceutical giants working with government and organizations like the Gates Foundation to vaccinate every man, woman and child on the planet.

So…what do you think? Will you be in the lineup to take this “fast tracked vaccine” or will you wait to see what happens to your fellow humans who will rush to the line to get stabbed with this understudied virus in a syringe.

I will be on the sidelines for a very long time before it is going into my body.

I honestly hope and pray that it is a success for the future of humankind. I don’t want to see it turn out to be a health disaster making human guinea pigs out of us and making matters worse.

My advice….be patient.

  • Social distance
  • Wear a mask in public
  • Wash your hands often
  • Stay within your bubble of family and few friends
  • Avoid large crowds
  • Get outdoors for fresh air, sunshine and exercise everyday
  • Eat healthy, avoiding processed foods, refined sugars and carbs
  • Boost your antioxidant intake with turmeric, zinc, quercetin, Vitamin C, mushroom blends etc.
  • Avoid or limit alcohol
  • Get good quality sleep
  • Remain hopeful and positive.

In time….and that is a long time….not a short time….a safe, viable treatment for COVID-19 will be discovered.

I’m going to take my chances….and wait it out.


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