Food and Covid

I just read a very informative article by my health guru, Dr. Mercola, regarding how foods can influence your risk of dying from Covid.

The big food highlighted in this article is “fermented food”. Things like Kim Chi which is fermented vegetables, sauerkraut, Yogurt, kefir, miso, tempeh, kombucha are what is considered fermented foods.

Apparently the countries who consume the most fermented foods have a lower mortality rate from Covid-19. It seems that living our “modern” way of life full of processed foods and conventional fruits, vegetables and mass produced meats and refined sugar and carbs has stripped our bodies of elements of nutrition that boost our microbiome in the gut…..which if nourished properly, in turn would help fight off the enemy.

Studies show that for every gram-per-day increase in consumption of fermented vegetables, the mortality rate of Covid-19 decreases by 35%.

Fermented food, and the probiotics and prebiotics helps our bodies in other ways too. If you are struggling with anxiety or depression increasing your intake of fermented foods will supply your body with good gut bacteria and this will help your body deal with depression.

Your gut health has an incredible impact on all of your body systems…particularly your immune system.

“Of all variables considered in the studies, only fermented vegetables reached statistical significance with Covid-19 death rates per country.”

Fermented vegetables and fermented foods are making a comeback. Historically fermentation was a way of preserving foods before we had refrigeration.

The consumption of foods and drinks that have been fermented carries many benefits to the human body. The transformation of starches and sugars enhances the natural beneficial bacteria. This bacteria called “probiotic” is a power house for the digestive system. This is the main and most important system in your body.

We must have bacteria living in our gut. These bacteria help with digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients. And they play an important role in our immune system. There are bad bacteria in your gut too and the key is to find the right balance between the two. When the gut bacteria is out of balance symptoms such as bloating, gas and constipation arise.

Our hectic, fast paced lifestyle and the fast food that comes with that has led to many people being in a state of dysbiosis or “out of control bad bacteria”.

Elimination of high refined sugar foods and adding probiotic and prebiotic foods such as fermented vegetables, yogurt, kefir etc. helps bring your gut back into balance and in turn supports your immune system.

Some powerhouse probiotic foods to start incorporating in your daily diet are:

  • Kefir – A probiotic cultured drink containing multiple strains of bacteria and yeast. Rich in minerals and vitamins.
  • Sauerkraut – Fermented cabbage, high in fiber, vitamins C, A, K, and some B vitamins. Good source of iron, manganese, copper, sodium, magnesium and calcium.
  • Miso – Japanese paste made from fermented soy beans and grains which contains millions of beneficial bacteria. Loaded with essential minerals. A good source of B vitamins, E, K and folic acid.
  • Kimchi – A spicy blend of fermented vegetables. Contains vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, iron, calcium and selenium.
  • Lassi – made from sour milk, a pre-dinner drink, like yogurt.
  • Kombucha – fermented black tea drink.
  • Tempeh – fermented soy beans, great substitute for meat in many recipes. Rich in protein.
  • Sourdough bread – made from fermented dough
  • Yogurt – full of lactobacilli bacteria, a valuable contributor to gut micro flora….but don’t use the sugary fruit flavored kinds. Go for a good plain Greek yogurt without the added sugar.

In a nutshell….fermented foods help with digestion and nutrient absorption, and strengthen the immune function.

So next time you are grocery shopping and want to eat to help your body stay strong and able to fight off viruses such as Covid 19, get some fermented food into your arsenal. Eat something fermented every day.

Your body will thank you and your body will fight for you. That is good information for you to work with!.

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