Black Licorice

Do you remember back to the days of “Twizzlers” licorice sticks? I sure do. It was a memorable sweet treat we would chew on and share with our friends. Back when I was a youngster I remember my parents bringing me a “goodie box” to camp and it usually had a package of licorice in it.

Now that I am an adult….I don’t reach for candy too often, if ever. But there is a sweet treat I do reach for from time to time and that is “black licorice”.

Licorice root has been used for many many years in natural medicine supplementation either in candy, tea, powder and capsule. Everything in moderation…….please don’t go crazy and eat black licorice every day. Use it as a treat that’s good for you. Don’t turn it into a too frequent treat that could be bad for you. Eating too much could lead to blood pressure issues.

The health benefits to eating black licorice are:

  • Licorice is a good stomach aid. If you have an ulcer or inflammation of the stomach (gastritis) then black licorice can help ease the discomfort. I have a bottle of licorice tablets, they are about the same size as a “Tums” that are chewable. If I find myself with a little indigestion I chew on one of these licorice tablets and it eases my stomach woes.
  • Licorice is good for the skin. A topical gel with licorice root in it’s ingredients is good for eczema as it is antibacterial.
  • Licorice is a good hair tonic. It is also used in paste form to reduce scalp irritation.
  • If you have kidney weakness, consult with your doctor about licorice. If you are healthy in that department then licorice can be beneficial to help the body produce estrogen that can benefit the kidneys.
  • If you have joint pain then adding a little black licorice root. The licorice root acts as a natural “cortisteroid” which reduces inflammation. The licorice root causes your body to release cortisol which suppresses the immune response and eases pain and frequency of arthritic flares.
  • With Covid19 stories about respiratory ills, black licorice root is good minor respiratory infections. The licorice root helps with production of healthy phlegm keeping the lungs clean of the old sticky mucous that clogs up lungs.
  • Licorice is antibacterial so good to fight off mouth and throat infections and sores. Gargle with a solution of licorice root powder and warm water and it will help to relieve a sore throat. If you have a canker sore inside your mouth then apply a bit of licorice root powder to release the pain and quicken the healing time.
  • Licorice root is helpful for digestion. As I mentioned above, I chew on a licorice root tablet if I get indigestion. If you have gastrointestinal woes then a blend of licorice root and chamomile and peppermint in warm water like a “tea” will ease the symptoms.
  • Licorice root has been proven to help women with menstruation issues, menopause issues and ovary health.
  • Some experts believe that licorice root is also beneficial for the health of the prostate gland.

So you can see….a lot of benefits from black licorice root.

If you are going to add black licorice to your routine in candy form then I suggest you purchase your treat from a good source such as a health food store. There is a brand of licorice called “Panda” that is really tasty and potent. I get these black licorice bars and carry them in my purse so when I have a snack attack I have a healthy treat that appeases my sweet craving and is beneficial to my health at the same time.

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