I am back to enjoying organic, free range, poultry, wild fish like salmon, scallops and halibut, and on the very odd occasion I will indulge in a small bit of well reared lean pork or lean beef or lean bison.

It’s not easy to find this healthier option of poultry, fish and meat at your corner grocery store, especially during this COVID-19 era.

Thankfully I found a Canadian company called TRU-LOCAL. It is serving Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. They source foods from local farms in these provinces. It is a food delivery company focused on high quality, healthy, locally farmed proteins. You can set up your food delivery as often as you like. I am on a monthly delivery plan but you can customize it to your needs, size of family and freezer space.

If you are interested in learning more about this great service, visit and put the code “MARCIA2250” in the referral line and you will get $20.00 of your first $249.00 box. Plus right now you can qualify for 6 free organic chicken breasts with your first order. Now don’t think you are stuck having to fulfill your ordering every month. You have control over how often you want delivery….you can change the dates for whenever it suits you, when you want delivery and what you want in your box. You can choose based on the number of mouths you are feeding, the frequency etc. You have total control.

I just started using this company and have only received one box thus far. I’m impressed with the quality of the seafood and meats we got in our first box. The salmon came from “Organic Ocean” which practices sustainable and environmentally responsible harvesting of it’s fish. Wild fish is very important to me…as you will find in past posts. I will not eat “farmed fish” which is what the majority of fish in grocery stores is from.

The poultry came from Farmcrest Farms…the first verified non-GMO chicken farmers in Canada….located in beautiful Salmon Arm, BC. The duck from Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry in Chilliwack, B. C. The turkey is from Skye Hi Farms in B.C. The beef is sourced from Cache Creek Natural Beef which raises their cattle in a sustainable way with the interest of the animal welfare at the forefront of it’s practices….no antibiotics or growth hormones….access to grass.

The meats are locally sourced so if you live in Ontario or Alberta, the meats will be sourced from local farms using healthy farming methods from your province.

The website provides good recipes for the meats, poultry and fish they offer.

So, if you are concerned about where your meat, poultry and fish are sourced from….visit the link and key in the referral code “MARCIA2250” to get your $20.00 off your first order and qualify for the 6 free organic chicken breasts in your first order.

I’m not normally one to “refer” others to things I enjoy but this one is good and needs to be shared.

As a footnote, this company appeared on an episode of “Dragons Den”. I did not know this until I was already a customer.

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