Daily Quarantine Questions

My girlfriend sent me this fridge list of questions to ask yourself daily while you are at home with lots of time on your hands. I immediately moved this awesome list to my website to share with all of you. It’s a list of things I have been doing myself, from the get go! Being slowed down by MS, I’ve learned to use my idle time in good ways for me. I’m not bored with staying home. In fact I get up each morning with a joyful feeling that today I don’t have to go anywhere….with no pressure to get to appointments or get to this store or that store….I’m happy to use my creative mind for other projects.

We are all still doing what is best for our families, our friends our neighbors, our work buddies, our gym friends, our grocery store workers, our truckers, our medical professionals, our essential services providers, our governments, our country and ourselves…..quarantine.

Okay…I know it’s getting old….but we have to make a personal “mind change”. We are in this for the long haul. The only way to get through it is to make it a time for growth….a time for introspection.

We watched 60 Minutes Sunday evening and one of the stories was about Holocaust survivors. One of the gentlemen in the story told about his youth. He spent 2 years alone in an attic. The only moments of stimulation came when his meager meals were brought to him from the couple who were hiding him from the Gestapo. He would catch flies that were flying around the attic and take their wings off of them so they would not be able to fly away. He kept them walking around on the floor in front of him as his companions.

So I say…..to all of us…..we can do this. We have to do this. Let’s stop feeling sorry for ourselves and rise above the boredom. Get to work on things you have put off, and put off…procrastination resides in all of us. Start small. Clean out drawers and cupboards in your kitchen. Move to clothing closets and drawers. Start a pile of clothing you or your spouse and children don’t wear anymore. When this quarantine is over….your cast offs will be accepted with gratitude at women’s shelters or the Salvation Army stores.

Keep in touch with your friends and family….in whatever mode works….phone calls, emails, FaceTime, Facebook, Messenger or texts…just reach out and touch the ones you love with your voice and your encouragement. I’ve been talking with my dear sweet Mom who is 89 years old this May every day. She is in her home alone during this time. My sister is nearby but she also has to be careful with this virus. My nearest brother and sister-in-law are in quarantine having just returned from the USA. Talking to Mom daily is a great breath of fresh air. When life is busy, we don’t get to talk as often.

Here’s another idea….write a book. I’m sure that at some point in your life you said….”I should write a book”. Well, get your computer on and ready to take dictation. Research for your book. Start the first copy.

Start a meditation practice. Start doing yoga at home with a good instructor online. Make a cookbook of your favorite recipes for your children, extended family and friends and maybe even a publisher. Anything is possible. As the Nike campaign has always been “JUST DO IT!”.

I’ve been going through thousands of photographs from all through my life up until we started using iPhones and ipads for picture taking. I have sorted through all of the pictures and transfered all of the special memories onto my ipad and put them in “albums” that keep them all sorted out and easy to recall. That has been an awesome way to spend lots of time. A trip down memory lane….pictures of special people who were in our lives that we’ve lost….pictures of new babies who are now adults with babies of their own…..pictures of my childhood when I shared “home” with 6 siblings and my wonderful parents and all of the fun family times through Christmas, birthdays, graduations, weddings and day to day living. I have retraced our steps to exotic locations on this planet where we were fortunate to have traveled to. This time has been very valuable. It has reinforced to me that my life is beautiful.

Despite the hours at home with no socializing and no busy, bustling lifestyle there are lots of things you can do to make this time WELL SPENT!

I hope and pray that when this world gets back to living, that we are all changed by this “pause”…..for the better. The world needs this “pause” to make us all realize that no matter where your life story is at right now, we are a very blessed society. Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees and this is the clearing we need to become more aware that LIFE IS GOOD!


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