So….it’s here!

I’ve never posted on the same topic so closely together before. That is because the Covid 19 Virus or Coronavirus story is changing so rapidly.

A few weeks ago it was in China and we were watching from a distance thinking “I hope the experts can keep it contained”. It’s almost world wide now. Nobody is out of the shadow of this new and devastating virus.

I just heard on the news that the USA is now at it’s highest level of alert! It’s here in the USA and some of the people who have been diagnosed have no relation or connection to travel or family ties to China. There are still a lot of people with “their heads in the sand” on this fast moving story.

Facebook has canceled a big conference. Disney has just announced closing their parks, the stock market is getting pummeled, an international car show has been canceled. Oh my goodness. It is scary, scary, scary!

My sweetie and I are cutting our stay in California short and heading north to our Canadian home and our Canadian healthcare. If one or both of us are hit with the virus we would rather be in our own country and in our own home.

I’m going to try to continue posting on my website but there could be a disruption in my weekly posts.

One immediate disruption will be during our travels back to Canada.

Secondary disruption would be if the virus enters our lives and then our health is priority.

I hope that all of my readers are able to stay healthy. Remember to wash your hands frequently and keep your hands away from your face, nose, eyes and mouth. Avoid crowded events. Stock up your needs incase you have to hunker in place at home.

God willing….we will meet again at the other end of this period of unsettled “pandemic”.

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