A Time for Reflection!

“REFLECTION IS THE LAMP OF THE HEART. IF IT DEPARTS, THE HEART WILL HAVE NO LIGHT.” – Abdullah ibn Alawi al-Haddad, (17th century spiritual master)

My sweetie and I have just completed our 14 day “voluntary” isolation after returning from the USA. We have chosen to stay in isolation way past this 2 week time frame for the greater good. We want to avoid getting or spreading this dreaded Coronavirus so we will stay in the safety our own little footprint on this earth. We send out prayers to the world at large.

This time of “house arrest” has been a very cathartic experience. Before we got home to Canada, I was in a state of unease. I was anxious, fearful, and I’d be lying if I did not admit that I was angry.

I was angry at others who weren’t taking this virus serious. I was angry at the ignorance of the White House for not behaving with the interests of the people at the top of the list. It is all about winning the 2020 election down there…not about the fact that this virus is going to put a serious strain on society as a whole.

I was never SO HAPPY to get home to Canada, where our provincial and federal governments are ON IT. I say thank you. Our medical professionals, first responders, farmers, truck drivers, grocery store operators, delivery personnel, pharmacists, scientists working on a cure, and so many more essential services…..There ON IT. I SAY THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU. “Thank you” just doesn’t seem like enough. Just know that you are loved and appreciated for stepping up when the rest of us are stepping down. And while I’m thanking, I am grateful for the beautiful people we have connection to in our new province of BC. So many friends have made such kind and selfless offers to get us groceries or other items we can’t get to the store for. We had a loaf of fresh homemade bread delivered to our door from a friends kitchen to ours. We are grateful.

This time of being “shut in” has made Paul and I both better communicators with each other. We are listening to each other better. We are more aware of each other….after 30 years together it’s easy to take each other for granted. This 24/7 time in each other’s company is a good refresher course on why we are together in the first place. Because we love, respect and care for each other. When the world was going about it’s business pre-Covid19, days flew by as we were all distracted with “what we had to do today”. Well now the pace of those days flying by has slowed down and we realize that all of those “things” we think we NEED to get done are not such a big deal.

Being at home all day, every day makes us slow the pace. Urgency is gone. It’s a nice feeling to get up in the morning during this time and plan what you would like to do today within your four walls. There is no socializing with friends, which we do miss, but we have each other to socialize with. We are grateful for our “coupledom” as there are many people in this world who are going through this “isolation” and “fear” alone.

So while you are home keeping yourself and your loved ones safe, social distancing and doing your part to STOP THIS VIRUS….it’s a good time for reflection.

Our behaviour and the way we share, care and interact with others during this unprecedented time….is a reflection of who we are, our morals, what kind of stuff we are made of.

I am deeply caring and sharing with a dear, dear girlfriend. (Actually two of my dear friends have been diagnosed recently, both strong women with lots of “fight” in them). At the same time the Covid was amping up, my friend was given a health diagnosis that would bring any of us to our knees. Through my own experiences with Multiple Sclerosis and my time in the darkness of my diagnosis I have practiced daily gratitude. Through this practice I have been blessed with the positive mindset to help my friend reflect on the goodness that has always been there….it’s just in her backyard right now. I’m trying to move it into her front yard.

To my two girlfriends who are on life changing journeys, I came across this quote the other day and I share it with both of you. “If the world ends tomorrow, you would be on my lifeboat.” Xo

Being available and on the journeys of my two girlfriends battling health issues and knowing what is going on out in the world, I have honestly re-ignited my awareness of the strength of love for family and friends, compassion, empathy, gratitude, appreciation, inspiration, wisdom, self love and confidence.


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