I loved golfing pre-Multiple Sclerosis. I tried to keep it up for as long as I could but about 6 years ago I finally threw in the towel….so to speak. My last time golfing back then, I took a swing on the tee box and just about ended up in the pond beside the tee. My balance was so bad that golf was not an option for me anymore. So I quit.

For the past several years I have watched my hubby leave the house and go to play golf with friends on Bear Mountain GC where we live, and I’ve watched him go out golfing with friends in California where we “snowbird” for the winter months. Needless to say, being out of the golf loop, and the camaraderie made me very sad.

Well I am HAPPY to say that I am back out on the golf course on a regular basis. As it turns out our course where we live in BC has two PARAGOLFERS in their golf cart inventory. I tried one out over the summer months and it is working great for me. So great…that we leased one in California this winter so I could continue playing over the winter.

I am enjoying the sport and the laughter, being out in the fresh air, the natural sunshine, and challenging my body to cooperate with hitting that little white ball. It is such GREAT THERAPY, physically, emotionally and mentally. It’s invigorating. There isn’t a doctor in the world that can offer me what I have gained from being back out on the course. And I might add, I’m striking the ball very well.

I try to get out 2 or 3 times a week for a full round of 18 each time. Living on two championship Mountain terrain golf courses in British Columbia makes it very easy for us to take full advantage of the paragolfer and the beauty that surrounds us.

If I could “prescribe” to everyone, whether you are battling a debilitating disease like MS, or you spend a lot of time indoors…..GET OUTSIDE….as much as you can. It’s invigorating…at least it has been for me. I hope to continue on with this outdoor experience as long as I possibly can. It’s better than any “drug” a doctor could prescribe. It’s my HAPPY PLACE!

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