A tribute to my brother, Scott.

Last week I lost one of my 6 siblings. My brother, Scott, just 61 years old, has gone to be with other family and friends who have left this world.


Scott was such an athletically talented and comedic character.

I grew up just behind Scott. He and I were 2 years apart in age so all through our childhood and teenage years we were in each other’s way…if you know what I mean. In a household of 9 people, Mom and Dad and 7 children, we learned to share and care….and fight for our rights amongst our siblings.

I remember a time in our youth when Scott would torment me to tears. He pestered me relentlessly. And then there came a time when he realized that I was not that much younger than him. He saw that his friends were my friends too. The teasing and taunting stopped.

We all grew up and life happened.. We all left home in our own time and adult life took the 7 of us in different directions. We are still very close knit, a loving and caring family, thanks to the way we were raised by our parents.

Scott was a very good hockey player through his youth. I remember him being asked to try out with the Toronto Maple Leaf farm team. I recall him out running and getting physically fit with Claire Alexander, a former Leaf player. I think the self imposed pressure of performing at his best, and lack of self esteem, carried Scott down a different path.

Scott fell in love, married and had two beautiful children. He opened a furniture store and life was good.

For reasons I cannot explain, Scott seemed to always be running….never quite settling down to the regular beat of life. As much as all of his family tried to help him, he just couldn’t keep things in a “normal” working order. He moved to PEI and lived in his own little apartment there. His “happiness” came from being a sports fan of anything athletic that was on his television. He and my Mom would talk often over the phone about whatever baseball or hockey game was on the t.v. that day.

Unfortunately he has gone too soon. I’m sad for him. I’m sad for my Mom. I’m sad for my niece and nephew and their families who lost their Dad and Grampa. I’m sad for my siblings and I who lost our brother.

Two things I will never forget…..the last time I talked to Scott on the phone he told me that he prayed for me every day. He also told me that if he could, he would take my Multiple Sclerosis away from me and take it on himself. Those words will remain in my memory bank forever.

Scott has found his resting place with our Lord. May he Rest In Peace. I will see him again when I get there one day.

Bless you big brother Scott. I love you. Thank you for all the memories.


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