Another diet change….OMG!

It has been a dozen years since my MS diagnosis. Where did that time go…I ask.

I have done lots of research and have changed a good many things in my lifestyle, all with health in mind. These past 12 years have brought a lot of unplanned physical changes to me which affects my sweetie too. He’s had to step up to the plate and take on more of the household chores that were always part of my day.

One thing that is first and foremost in my day to day existence is my nutrition plan.

In year 1 of my diagnosis I was on the Swank Diet for MS. I stayed on it for one year but was not symptomatic back then. I switched my diet to “raw vegan” for a good year after that. Then my honey and I both took on a “cooked vegan” diet for a long time. From there we moved into a vegetarian diet. All the while these diets have included “organic”, non-GMO, gluten free food choices for me. We quit consuming alcohol almost 11 years ago and are very much committed to that. After my 2019 stem cell procedure I switched over to the Paleo Diet.

The Paleo Diet is fairly healthy with lots of veggies and meat. While following the Paleo diet I let down my guard and allowed things into my nutrition plan that weren’t in my best interest…things I had not eaten for 10 years or more. You know….things like potato chips, desert while in a restaurant etc. This September I was in free fall into a weak, fatigued, miserable state. I have never felt worse.

I had to do something quick. I found a naturopath in California who did some labs and some “cellular” testing. We discovered I would be much better served by eating the Swank way. So late December I started back on the Swank diet. This plan is a healthy way for everyone…not just people with MS. It is low saturated fat, no red meat, high good fats and gluten free. I already feel better just after following this nutrition plan for a month.

When I go into something such as a diet change I am “all in”. It’s not an easy world these days with so many processed convenience foods. Grocery shopping can be a daunting task. The hard part for me now is that my “kitchen time” is challenging. I’m on the cusp of being permanently disabled. I last about 10 minutes in the kitchen and then I’m exhausted. Our mealtime has taken on a “plain and simple” dimension because that is all I’ve got. So fresh is best.

I hope and pray that my “Swank Diet for MS” pays me back with increased energy. My fellow MSers on Facebook and other social media sites are a big help sharing simple recipes and motivation.

I’M STILL PUTTING UP A GOOD FIGHT….I’d love to kick this MS to the curb….but since that is near impossible… honey and I continue to deal with it the best we can.

Do what you need to do to look after yourself. Good health is never guaranteed. Be good to your body and hopefully it will be good to you.


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