Gratitude Inventory

It’s that time of year when we all need to take stock of all the amazing things we are blessed with.

THANKSGIVING WEEKEND is here. What better time is there than this weekend to do a “gratitude inventory”.

Life gets busy. Time passes by. We all have things that cause us stress, keep us on the move, take us away from living in the “gratitude” mindset.

Thankfully, this weekend comes once a year and reminds us of what we have in and around us that we need to be grateful for.

Living from a place of gratefulness is good for our overall health. That is a scientific fact!!!

We all have so much to be thankful for. Sometimes doing a “gratitude inventory” is all it takes to bring you into a better mood and mindset.

Gratitude = Happiness

Emotionally, gratitude makes us feel good, with more resilience to the day- to-day stressors that come our way. Gratitude leaves us with happy memories especially if we do a gratitude journal or use a gratitude app where we go over our day and appreciate small moments. Gratitude makes us more comfortable in our skin…less envious of others who may seem better off than us.

Personalities are changed with gratefulness as we are more optimistic, less self absorbed, proud of our small accomplishments, and less wrapped up in materialism.

Socially, we have healthier relationships with our partners, our friends and our families. We are kinder to others and appreciate others and the uniqueness of each person we meet.

Being grateful is better for our health in many ways. First off, we tend to be less sick with colds and flues as we are immune strong. We have more energy and are generally more active then most which makes us physically strong. Going to bed each night after taking stock of our blessed day adds to the quality of our sleep too. So , as you can see, gratitude is good for our overall health.

When we live from a place of gratefulness people around us tend to want to be around us more because we give off such positive vibes. When we live in gratitude we tend to be more trusting, and more appreciative of our friendships.

Being grateful in life is a magnet for social connectedness. People around you do little gestures for you because they like being with you and want to help you in anyway they can. I experience this with my MS and the friendships my honey and I have. The lovely people we are connected to are so kind and so thoughtful…always willing to help anyway they can to make things easier for me…not because they have to or because I ask them to but just because they want to. I do not take any of that for granted. I am always grateful and openly thankful to our friends for their support.

When I go to bed at night I silently think about good things in my life. This tends to calm my “wired” mind that would keep me from getting sleep. When going over all of the blessings in my life I tend to fall asleep quicker and possibly deeper than if I try to go to bed upset or anxious about something. Gratitude makes coping with things easier.

So….with the benefits I’ve mentioned above why not try to move into or continue to be in a place of gratitude.

We live in a great country, in a great time of opportunity and freedom. We are well nourished, safe within the shelter of our homes. We have choices in so many aspects of life. If you watch world news then you know that there are many parts of our world in turmoil, drought, famine, war, and so much distress. We really need to do our “gratitude inventory” this Thanksgiving weekend to remind us of how good we really have it.

So take your pen and notebook to your comfy chair, put your feet up…..relax your mind and finish the sentence in the picture below. It’s time for your GRATITUDE INVENTORY!

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