Awe…time in the great outdoors!

I’ve just enjoyed the best summer I’ve had in 7 years. Why? Because I was able to spend approximately 3 days a week totally outdoors in the sun, warmth, green space of Bear Mountain golf courses, surrounded by thick forests, views of the ocean and mountains with plenty of deer to enjoy. It is so good for my mind and my body and my spirit. That is the whole truth.

Bonus…I spent time with our friends and my honey out golfing. Something I had to back away from 7 years ago when my balance up and left me. So for the past 7 years while my honey and our friends went out golfing I would stay home and read and, I must confess….feel very left out.

Spending time in nature is the best medicine. Better than any pharmaceutical any doctor could offer me. Being able to enjoy the laughter with friends and Paul out on the course is magical. I have a whole new outlook on my life with Multiple Sclerosis. I don’t feel captive in my home anymore.

The Paragolfer made by Ottobock, Germany has re-opened up my golf life. It’s put me in a “happy” space. I’m approaching each day from a whole different angle. We have been able to lease a Paragolfer for our winter months down in the California desert too. So I will continue to be outdoors with Paul and friends this winter.

If you know someone who has a disability that has stopped them from doing the things they enjoyed most, show them the Paragolfer. It’s not just used for golfing. People out here on Vancouver Island with disabilities are using this cart for sports such as archery, fly fishing, flat trail hiking, etc.

This equipment is catching on across North America and may be available for use in your area. Contact your local MS society or to see where the closest one to you is located. Even if you get on one just to go along for a family walk through the park…it’s invigorating.

I’m so happy…and another little bonus…I have a sun tan for the first time in 7 years. I could not sit in the sun and catch the Vitamin D benefits as my MS causes heat intolerance. While out on the Paragolfer I feel a steady breeze off of the Pacific Ocean which cools me and if I find it too hot, I carry “cooling towels” which I purchased from Amazon.

The photo below is an “almost HOLE IN ONE”….it was so close to going in, we were all holding our breath as the ball rolled towards the whole and stopped just shy of the cup.

Life is good!

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