High blood pressure busters!

So many people today are on blood pressure meds. It is important that some people take these meds to keep things in check. But there are so many people taking these meds so they have an “easy” out for eating unhealthy foods.

There are foods that help keep blood pressure in check. I’ve written about these foods in the past. It’s good to be reminded to keep these goodies in your nutrition arsenal instead of taking pharmaceutical blood pressure meds. If you are currently taking blood pressure pills please don’t stop unless your doctor tells you that’s okay. Adding these foods regularly may give you a future pass on the pharmaceuticals. Eating these healthy foods certainly won’t harm you….if anything eating then will help you in many ways.

My favorite daily treat is “dark chocolate”. I have a piece of it every day. Good organic dark chocolate helps to relax blood vessels. A day without my piece of dark chocolate is like a day without sunshine….ha ha.

Your cooking oil makes a difference. Olive oil, sesame oil, avocado oil…these oils help with your blood pressure. Avoid canola oil in all things, if you can. It’s a cheap pesticide laden, possibly GMO oil which is not heart healthy despite advertising’s that it is.

Dark purple beets improve blood pressure. Use beets in salads, as side dishes, add a piece of raw beet to your morning juice etc. The nitrates from beets helps to relax arteries hence keeping blood pressure in a good range.

My hubby and I eat a lot of garlic. I use it pretty well everyday in our meals. We probably have “garlic breath” all the time but that’s not a bad trade off for the goodness we are getting from our garlic habit.

Pomegranate fruit is so good for lowering blood pressure. If you can consume a bit everyday, either the seeds from the fruit itself or in the form of juice you will be helping your heart.

Coconut water or coconut pieces help to lower systolic blood pressure. I use coconut water in my smoothies. Sprinkle shredded coconut on your cereal, salad or add to your cooking. It’s a nutritious addition.

We all know flax seeds are good for us in so many ways. They are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids and are high in fibre when ground into flaxmeal. These are so good for our heart health and our brain health.

All veggies and fruit in their most natural form are good for blood pressure. Try to get as many servings into your daily diet as possible. One way to insure that you are is to juice or drink smoothies loaded with pulverized fruit and veggies. Or promise yourself to have one loaded raw salad each day containing all of the veggies you can manage.

Did you know that cinnamon is so good for your blood pressure. Adding cinnamon to your cooking or your drinking water is a wonderful way to get that into your diet.

Of course blueberries are the bomb. They are good for everything in our bodies to help keep us ticking.

Bottom line….eat the most colorful fruit and veggie laden meals each day and that will keep your need for statins at bay.

While we are at it – avoiding high blood pressure contributing foods and lifestyles are a good strategy too. That would mean avoiding or limiting intake of too much salt/sodium, too much alcohol, fried foods, and trans fats. Being overweight or obese, stressed out, smoking, sedentary and not getting enough quality sleep are all no-no’s.


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