Going Organic!

I’ve been eating “organic” food for at least 25 years now. I’ve written about this very topic before but I will revisit now as it’s worth a conversation. Especially in light of the news that scientists have proven that glysophate sprayed on crops is a carcinogen. It causes the big C.

Switching to organic at anytime in your life is a good thing. So don’t think that just because you’ve been eating conventional for your whole life that it won’t make a difference now. IT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. A big difference.

I have my entire kitchen switched to organic, from herbs and spices, pepper, salt, vinegars, oils, condiments, grains, legumes, meats, veggies and fruit. All of my hygiene products are organic and chemical free too. It took me a few years to finally switch it all over to organic back 25 years ago but I did it and I’m happy I did. Now it’s just what I do…gravitate towards all organic in the grocery store.

It use to be that I had to drive 2 hours into the city to get organics at a specialty health food store. Now all, or nearly all grocery stores offer some organic foods. Personally I shop in stores where almost all of the inventory is organic, non-GMO. It’s very important to me and will continue to be for the rest of my life.

I know there are people who say “yeah but you have MS so your organic diet did not keep you healthy”. I understand how one might think that way. BUT I can tell you that my MS has not presented any PAIN to me which is quite rare with this disease. Many of my peers with MS are needing pain meds to manage their bodies inflammation. My body’s lack of pain and testing of my inflammation levels proves that something is working to keep me pain free. I truly believe it’s from a healthy, organic, non-GMO diet.

Studies are now showing that going organic can prove healthy for your body very quickly. It’s a fact that buying organic fruit and veggies is worth the little bit extra out of your grocery budget. The prices have come down so much for organic since I first started shopping for it that things are more in line with conventional…just a little bit more money.

Many studies have assessed the value of organic food vs conventional foods and how organic benefits our health. The Journal of American Medicine published a study that proved that those who ate the most organic foods had the least incidence of certain types of cancers.

The studies proved enough to say that “eating organic can have a profound effect on one’s health.

Conventional fruit and vegetables are sprayed with carcinogens called glyphosate, malathion and diazinon. These are cancer-causing pesticides. The scientists say that pesticides DO contribute to cancer risk.

An ounce of prevention is worth it’s weight in “organic food”. Why not do your body good now before you tip the scale in the opposite direction and develop cancer. Many people don’t switch to healthy eating until they have already got the diagnosis. You’ve heard the saying “too little, too late”. Let’s prevent it in the first place.

The best way to stack the odds in your favour for a healthy life is to eat ORGANIC fruit and veggies, grass-fed organic lean proteins, wild fish, unprocessed foods and avoid sugar (white death).

I prefer to invest that little bit more in the organic food that goes on our dinner table. I feel I’m giving our bodies a huge leg up against the big C. There is so much on the news now about “glyphosate”. It’s on your conventional food. Do you really want to be ingesting a carcinogen such as that. I know I don’t.

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