Junk Food

Have you ever noticed that after you consume a meal made up of fast food junk food, that your body is still craving and is still hungry.

That would be because the lack of nutrition in this junk food does not nourish the cells of your body that good food nourishes.

The sodium, transfats, chemicals and artificial flavorings in this processed fast food just leaves you bloated and unsatisfied.

Studies show that we have cells in our body called tancytes which detect certain nutrients from food that we consume. This happens in mere minutes after eating a certain type of food.

The tancytes react to amino acids, arginine and lysine, found in whole foods similar to how the taste buds work on your tongue to detect flavor. These cells send messages to the brain that you are full and satisfied. Foods high in arginine and lysine would be almonds, chicken, tuna, lentils, turkey, sweet potatoes, walnuts and sesame…to name a few.

Junk foods are lacking in these amino acids so eating this nutritionally void food does not send the message to your brain of satiety.

Obesity is a big problem in North America….statistics say that 1 out of every 3 people is clinically obese. Eating nutritionally empty foods is the primary cause. There is a “fast food” epidemic in North America. Just drive down a main road through a community and on all four corners of every busy intersection there are at least 4 fast food outlets..and likely more outlets beyond the corners. Every food has it’s fast food outlet…beef, chicken, fish, ice cream, pastries, donuts, pizza, Chinese food, Italian etc.

I always say the best place to eat is at home. There’s nothing like home cooking. We’ve been fortunate to be able to dine out whenever we felt the urge BUT…we always say home cooking is the most flavorful and most nutritious food going. It’s our first choice.

Let’s all focus our appetites on good whole foods containing the amino acids lysine and arginine to help us stay nourished without inviting obesity and heart disease, diabetes and possibly cancer.

Junk food is completely void of any nutrition to trigger satiety and that is why after you scarf down a meal of fast food you think…hmmmm……I’m still hungry.

If you want good health and a good body weight then nourish yourself with more magic foods containing the aminos that make you feel satisfied and well nourished.


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