A Refreshing Move

It’s been a few years now since my honey and I decided to pick up and move across the country from Ontario, Canada to British Columbia, Canada. We have just moved into our new home on Vancouver Island.

We started looking out west about 10 years ago, shortly after my honey retired. We purchased a condominium on Bear Mountain in the golf resort. We used this condo as a seasonal hang out. We would visit Vancouver Island in the spring and the fall. It wasn’t until we sold our Ontario home…lock, stock and barrel….furnishings and all….then we decided maybe we should find a home and become full-time residents of British Columbia.

Well….we did it. We just moved into our new home on Bear Mountain, Vancouver Island this week. Let the fun begin….furnishing and decorating to make this house our home.

As much as we love Ontario and all it has to offer….Vancouver Island, BC is breathtaking. We see snow capped mountains, the Pacific Ocean, vast green spaces of forest, with wildlife at our doorstep. The day we took delivery of our new furniture, I was out on our deck and there were two deer about 20 feet from me, staring at me while chewing their “salad” of forest greens. The deer in BC are not skittish like the Ontario deer. On this mountain, we also share space with cougars, bears, many birds and other wild animals. Our view is of undisturbed nature, and vast rolling forest. Mountain fog sometimes rolls in and then shortly thereafter the sun is shining through the tall pines that make up part of the view. I’m going to say it is very “zen”……And the air is fresh, crisp and clean coming off the Pacific Ocean.

It was a really BIG move considering we both have our families in Ontario. But after much discussion about what we were moving further away from we came to the following conclusion. WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN LIVES TO LIVE. Everyone is so busy living their lives. With us being so far away now, we will probably have more quality time with our family members. They will come out and stay with us for visits that extend longer than an hour here or a half a day there. When we have family visitors they will come and stay with us for several days at a time…making our visits with them much more special…much more concentrated. In fact one of my sisters and my Mom are flying out here from Ontario in May to stay with us. It will be a special visit with “concentrated” time together. We are looking forward to that.

Because of the large physical distance between our families we stay in touch through phone calls, texts, emails, social media, FaceTime etc. We share news about our days and we get news about our loved ones and what they are up to…regularly I might add.

It’s quite the transition as we have had to change doctors, dentists and many other things we were just “use to” after spending the majority of our lives in one spot. But it’s exciting too. We have met some wonderful new friends out here on Bear Mountain. My hubby and I are part of the golf community in the resort (although I’m not golfing anymore due to my MS). My hubby loves golfing and does so 3 days a week with all of the lovely people we have met. The commonality we share with all of the great folks we are meeting out here is that we have all moved here from somewhere else…retired….starting anew in this relatively new community of Bear Mountain. It’s refreshing.

I will still be writing my posts and nothing will change in that regard. Vancouver Island has a “healthy vibe”. Every food market has “local”, organic, healthy options. Any kind of holistic, naturopathic and allopathic needs are fully available here. I know we are going to like it. And I know I will never run out of topics to keep my weekly post going strong.

Thank you for your continued readership.

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